What are the best foods for pregnant women

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A pregnant woman needs to eat healthy food that provides her and the fetus with the elements necessary for their health, and the pregnant woman must focus on meeting her needs of iron and calcium, in addition to taking vitamins necessary for the development of the fetus, and the pregnant woman is advised to stay away from uncooked food and raw eggs. Because it can contain salmonella germ, and it is preferable to stay away from types of fish that can contain mercury, such as mackerel. [1]

The best types of foods for pregnant women

These are the most important foods that a pregnant woman must eat constantly during pregnancy: [2]

  • Fruit: Pregnant women are advised to eat fruits daily. Because it contains the vitamins necessary for the mother and the fetus, and among the most important vitamins contained in the fruit are vitamin C, which is important for the growth of fetal cells, and vitamin B group, and vitamin E, which is necessary for the health of pregnancy.
  • Milk, dairy products and their derivatives: Milk is a complete food that is easy to digest, and contains the necessary nutrients for the mother and the fetus throughout pregnancy, and pregnant women are advised to drink three to four cups of milk per day because it is necessary for the growth of the bones and teeth of the fetus, and to preserve the mother's teeth as well, and cheeses contain a large amount of calcium is important for the health of the pregnant.
  • Raisins: Raisins contain a good amount of fiber and a good amount of iron, which is necessary for pregnancy.
  • Vegetables: A pregnant woman should eat more vegetables during pregnancy, especially those that contain a good amount of fiber, such as: carrots, beans, cabbage, green peppers, potatoes, and grape leaves, and in addition to fiber, vegetables contain vitamins important for pregnancy health.
  • Carrots: It is a vegetable rich in vitamin A, and it can be eaten with skimmed milk, and cauliflower or broccoli can be added after boiling it for two minutes in water.
  • Whole grains: Pregnant women are advised to eat oats for breakfast. Because it contains vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin B, it is also found in brown bread that is made from whole wheat grains.
  • Orange juice: Orange juice is rich in vitamins and calcium, which is necessary for pregnant women and the fetus.
  • Cheeses : It is recommended to eat mozzarella and white cheese because they are rich in calcium, protein, and low in fat.
  • Nuts: A pregnant woman can eat unsalted nuts as a snack between meals. Because it contains beneficial fats.
  • Water: A pregnant woman should drink enough water to prevent constipation.

Foods that are not recommended for pregnant women to eat

Of course, there are also many foods that women prefer to avoid during pregnancy as much as possible for medical reasons, and the most important of these foods are: [3]

  • Raw meat and foods containing uncooked items such as sushi.
  • Processed meats such as hot dogs; Because it contains preservatives.
  • Smoked seafood, as it can carry some pollutants.
  • Uncooked eggs , due to salmonella germ.
  • Soft cheeses; Because they contain fats and preservatives.
  • Liver; Because it contains a large amount of vitamin A.
  • Processed juices and unpasteurized milk.
  • Drinking alcohol.


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