What are the causes of back numbness

Written By The HealthMeth Team - Updated On Monday, August 9, 2021 4:00 PM

Causes of back numbness

Back numbness indicates the presence of numbness, loss of feeling, pain or tingling in the body, and people who suffer from numbness in their bodies may feel pain similar to burning pain or the sensation of the presence of pins and needles, and common causes of back numbness include a herniated disc, sciatica and multiple sclerosis ( multiple sclerosis).

Slipped disc

When a disc is displaced in the back in a person that is out of place or aligned with it, a herniated disc may be indicated, which is a common cause of numbness in the back. People often suffer from slipped discs after lifting heavy objects, and X-rays, magnetic resonance imaging can be used. Computed tomography (MRI) scanning (computed tomography) scanning (CT scan) to help the physician make a firm diagnosis of a herniated disc.

Tablet slippage occurs much more often in older adults than younger adults, and it often improves on its own within two months or less. A pain reliever medication may be given which can be used along with treatment or rest. Corrective surgery only in a small number of patients.


Sciatica is another common cause of numbness and numbness in the back of the back, the presence of pain or numbness in the sciatic nerve, which affects the person in the lower back, legs and buttocks, and it can constitute a very uncomfortable condition, back numbness of sciatica is usually a symptom of an issue. A larger one, such as a tumor or injury in the back, and doctors can help control sciatic nerve pain in a patient using chiropractic treatment, through physical therapy, and possibly through prescription medications, and when sciatica pain is not treated, it cannot Find a comfortable position for a few months, and here doctors may give you the option of undergoing surgery or steroid injections to help the person find relief.

multiple sclerosis

It is a chronic autoimmune disease that affects the spinal cord and brain, and the main symptom of MS is numbness in the back, hands and feet, and people with MS may also experience fatigue, in addition to depression and problems with the intestine and muscles. And convulsions, some MS patients may experience numbness and other symptoms on a daily basis, while others may go away and appear during periods.

Other causes of posterior numbness can include a pinched nerve, spinal stenosis and diabetes, and if you are one of the people who suffers from some type of chronic back numbness or pain, you should contact a doctor. Back pain, numbness and numbness can be caused by several reasons such as a wide range of issues. It is important for the patient to be evaluated by the doctor.