What are the disadvantages of cola

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Cola of more cold drinks common and popular all over the world, it began to spread in 1898 AD, and the back of his invention to the young pharmacist Caleb Bram Ham, where he was mixing some natural juices and herbs , spices , adding to soda water in an attempt to invent a cure for indigestion, and it was provided for his customers cool in the hot summer days, he has won his invention , which was not a celebrity then the desirability of its customers who were taking it Kziavh during their visit to the pharmacy , Caleb, and began Caleb distributed to people through the faucet Ksbnor water, and then distributed by the bottles can be moved from one place to another, resulting in To increase its spread among people, at that time Caleb registered the cola drink as a patent for an invention and a registered trademark.[1]

Ingredients for cola drink

  • Caffeine : per box of cola contains 35-40 mg of caffeine, which is sufficient to increase the amount of activity and alertness of the brain, as sufficient amount of caffeine that increase brain activity of 25 - 50 mg, and the quantities allowed for a day is 500-600 mg Eating too much of it leads to opposite results. [2]
  • Sugar : Each bottle of cola contains 8-10 tablespoons of sugar, which is a very large percentage, and excessive consumption of it leads to many serious diseases. [3]
  • Phosphoric acid : (H3PO4) is an inorganic chemical compound, which is a colorless and odorless liquid that is used in the manufacture of fertilizers and detergents, and it is an effective material to remove rust. It is added to fizzy drinks and some foods to add the spicy taste and as a preservative for it. [4]
  • Citric acid : It is a natural compound extracted from lemon and oranges, which enhances the function of antioxidants, and prevents the fruit from turning into a brownish color, and it stabilizes the sugar and candy in it. [5]
  • Other materials : Carbonated water that contains carbon dioxide and adds the pungent taste, the color of caramel extracted from corn, and some natural flavors. [6]

Harms of cola


More than two thirds of the human body is composed of water, and water is constantly lost from the body. Either sweating or urination, or breathing, which the body needs to acquire again to compensate for fluids lost by the body of various biological processes effectively and properly, but the replacement of soft drinks for water or natural juices hydrating consume plenty of fluids, especially when you are not compensated with water, The body becomes dehydrated due to the large quantities of caffeine, which acts as a primary diuretic for urination and increased urinationAnd leaving the body with fewer fluids to carry out its important functions, in addition to that, some dietary fizzy drinks contain such dietary foods as well. [7]

High level of sugar

WHO has recommended reducing the rate of sugar consumption per capita to 12.6 teaspoons a day to resist obesity, and worrying that cola is the most popular soft drinks and widespread among people old and young saturated sugars, as mentioned, the bottle of cola each containing 10 teaspoons of sugar, consume this large amounts of sugar in the body is done on blood sugar levels , in addition, many of the soft drinks contain high fructose corn syrup or corn syrup as an essential ingredient of sugar, which Edorh may harm the pancreas and lead to fluctuating blood sugar levels.

The consumption of sugary fizzy drinks day after day can contribute to the onset of diabetes other than high insulin dependent; As the cola rises after eating blood sugar level is high, leading to the production of the hormone insulin is strong and fast, and gradually with the passage of time , some of the production of insulin decreases rapidly, leading to irritable and irritable. [8] [9]


After a bottle of cola per the individual has exhausted maximum sugar intake per day, and any amount of other sugars will be stored quantity in the body, leads to overwork the liver for excretion necessary to convert enzymes sugar into fat, and thus increases the accumulation of fat around the liver. Weight gain results from consuming more calories than the body burns. A small amount, or about 12 ounces (an ounce), of cola contains 250 calories, and what is called (empty calories) because it does not provide any food for me.

Drinking one pack of cola a day for four weeks , equivalent to eating 3,920 calories an additional, or gain of 1.1 pounds if they are not burning calories acquired in an orderly fashion, the person, needs to run for 50 minutes, 5 miles per hour to burn calories acquired From one can of cola. According to the analysis of calories , if you do not burn these calories is the body has gained more than 12 pounds in one year, in addition, the soft drinks , sweet-flavored disruption of appetite signals and natural desire for other sugary foods. [10]

Calcium depletion

Calcium is an essential mineral for bones, and for getting strong teeth, the presence of large amounts of phosphorous acid in cola causes phosphorous Upon arrival at the college to get rid of it by linking calcium to be raised with the urine, loses the body in large amounts of calcium needed, and if it is not calcium , which reduces the body to compensate it drains calcium from the bones , especially when excessive drinking cola, that leads to osteoporosis and weakness in adults And tooth decay and damage to children of non-adults. [11]


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