What are the disadvantages of masturbation

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Masturbation, masturbation, or flogging It is the name least used to express a person’s sexual arousal, and the practice of self-stimulation of the genitals with the aim of achieving sexual pleasure until reaching the height of arousal, or what is known as sexual orgasm, and the secret habit is not limited to men only, rather it may be practiced by women. Also, it is possible for a person to provoke himself or someone else by touching, massaging, or rubbing the genitals, and the genitals include the penis in men, and the area of ​​the vulva and the vagina in women Some people may resort to using sex toys to achieve this, [1] [2]It is worth noting that many adults practice the secret habit in response to their sexual desires, or as a result of the absence of a sexual partner , [3] and with this and that, some cultures and religions oppose masturbation and describe it as a wrong habit. [2]

Damages of masturbation

The secret habit causes many real damages, the most prominent of which are the following: [4] [5]

feeling guilty

As a result of what many people know of religious, cultural, and personal beliefs that oppose masturbation and describe it as an immoral or bad habit; These people feel guilty about engaging in masturbation. [4] [5]

Wounds and infections

What some may do from vigorous masturbation, violence, or the use of harmful tools, or exaggerated scrubs, can cause pain, wounds , infections, bruises, and irritation, especially in the vaginal area for women, and women may suffer from infection as a result. [1] [3]

Infection with sexual diseases

In fact, practicing self-masturbation or using the tools of the same person does not cause any sexual diseases , and it cannot even cause pregnancy, except that sharing their tools or touching their genitals with others increases the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases ; Where the infection can be transmitted through body fluids; Such as semen and vaginal secretions. [6]

Reducing the sensitivity of the genitals

The genitals are very sensitive. It contains a large number of nerve endings to achieve several goals. Among them is obtaining sexual pleasure, but the direct and prolonged stimulation involved in the masturbation, which is practiced at the same rate and in the same way, can lead to a temporary lack of sensation, and the excessive practice of masturbation may cause difficulty in achieving orgasm during sexual intercourse. And, the habit of stimulating certain areas of the body during the practice of the secret habit and neglecting it during intercourse may make it difficult to reach orgasm, and what some men do of aggression and severe narrowing of the penis when practicing the secret habit may contribute to a decrease in sensation during intercourse. [7] [8]

Addiction and disruption of life

Due to what is known about the secret habit that it is addictive in nature, it remains in control of the person and his mind, which leads to a decline in his ability to focus when practicing his work, or his daily activities, or his social life, so that the person uses most of his time to practice masturbation, which deprives him of being a person Socially and productively, this addiction may prevent people from engaging in work, school, or social events, and it can affect responsibilities, emotional and marital relationships and cause their disintegration, [3] [8] in addition to the feelings of distress that it causes, especially when it becomes an addiction. The person is forcing himself on it or interfering with his normal life, [2] and on the other hand, masturbation addiction is linked to obsessive-compulsive disorder Because of the necessity of repeating the same activity many times, [9] and in many cases, attempts to reduce or stop practicing the secret habit end in failure; Where the attempts may cause an increased desire for repetition and continuation, or may generate a feeling of inability to stop, which may lead some people in the end to consult a specialist concerned with this in order to control the situation. [10]

Do you think that sex education is necessary like other sciences? Or will it come back negatively?


The practice of masturbation by men repeatedly during a short period of time may cause swelling of the penis and this is known scientifically as dropsy or edema ; More precisely, edema can be defined as swelling of tissues resulting from fluid retention inside them, and penile edema disappears within a day or two after its appearance. [1] [11]

Reducing the desire for a real marital relationship

Although the relationship between masturbation and a decrease in the desire for a real marital relationship is not a causal relationship, practicing it using pornography or sex dolls may lead to a decrease in the desire to have a sexual relationship with a partner, and explain the practitioners of masturbation that they find in the habit of confidentiality is appropriate to meet the sexual needs, forcing them to avoid relationships involved to another party, and in some cases may be the problems they face in terms of the lack of a partner due to the lack of marriage is the reason behind the push toward masturbation, [ 12] Also, the secret habit may affect the person's relationship with his partner, in addition to what may be caused by the protrusion of the veins of the penis significantly, which reflects an annoying appearance. [3]

Impotence and the effect on the ability to conceive

Masturbation is associated with impotence or impotence due to the weakness of the excitability of the nervous system and the reproductive organs and weakness, as it can cause erectile dysfunction in men as a result of weak tissues and diminished strength, or it may lead to a slow erection, in addition to the short time that the penis remains erect as a result The presence of a dysfunction in the spinal cord , and this also explains the link between the umbilical habit and the speed of ejaculation , [13] On the other hand, the link between the umbilical habit and the low chances of pregnancy is due to the negative impact of the umbilical habit in the womb Weakening the uterus and making it unable to contain the fetus and increasing the possibility of miscarriage , and may lead to infertility in some women, as well as weakening the hormone responsible for the production of sperm in men or the production ofAbnormal sperm ; This leads to the birth of unhealthy children in rare cases. [3]


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