What are the diseases affecting nails

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an introduction

Nails are what protect the tissue of the fingers and toes, and often the health of the nails reflects the health of a person, but there are many diseases and problems that affect the nails, but to treat these diseases and problems we must know their causes, as many nail diseases are caused by changes in a person's life What.

In this article, I will explain some common nail diseases and their problems, and we will address the general problems that many people face, and address their symptoms, and the treatments needed to get rid of these diseases.

What is the nail

The nail consists of contiguous pages from the origin of the cuticle, and these pages are attached to the cuticle, where it begins with the root of the nail that sinks under the end of the nail that we see, and then ends at the front of the finger freely.

Nail diseases and problems

Split nail

It is a splitting of the nail plate to take the form of horizontal paved platelets. These platelets start from the free, distant part, and this splitting results in a disturbance in the fusion of adjacent cells. This problem is very common among people, and among the most important causes of this problem: the use of musical instruments, such as: the piano, and stringed instruments. It occurs due to a chemical or physical defect as a result of frequent washing of hands, as well as because of the use of nail polish for women, and may lead to anemia To the occurrence of this split, the treatment is to avoid doing any of the aforementioned causes, and there are many good ointments in the treatment of these splits, and hot olive baths are also a good remedy for this problem.

Loose nails

Often the nail separates from the nail bed, and detachment may occur in two or three points of the nail, and then the detachments permeate all areas of the nail, and here the entire hard layer of the nail becomes separated. Green, blue or black color, as a result of germs or yeasts, and one or more nails may become loose.

One of the most important causes of nail separation

  • There are local causes: the nails are exposed to detachment as a result of the traumas falling on them, such as implantation, stabbing, or hitting foreign objects located on them.
  • There are chemical reasons: there are chemicals that work to separate the nails, such as: solvents for paint, as well as hot alkaline water, and other materials that, when used, lead to the pulling out of nails.
  • Pathological reasons: Disintegration may occur as a result of the nails being exposed to a bacterial attack on them, or when the person has hypothyroidism, or the presence of infections around the nails.

For the treatment of this disease: a person must avoid collision with the nails in solid foreign bodies, and we must not expose the infected nail to water and keep it dry, there are some very effective medicines to treat detached nails, especially medicines that contain tarry solutions, special peeling ointments, as well as topical antibiotics. And other good medicines.

skin diseases

There are many skin diseases that lead to many diseases and skin problems, and among these nail diseases are caused by skin diseases:

  • Lichen planus: It is possible for this disease to occur without a dermatological cause. Some signs of this problem appear, such as: the presence of random longitudinal grooves on the nail plate, as well as the separation of the nail plate and the occurrence of atrophy, and the presence of pigmentation under the nail, and this disease is treated by Corticosteroids, or over the counter intramuscular injections, are taken every month or 5 weeks.
  • Psoriasis nails: This problem occurs in psoriasis, and psoriasis appears on the nail plates, with some pit and grooves intercepted, and their surface may be rough or smooth. To treat this disease, injections are taken into the nail tissue, as well as by taking ointments that the doctor prescribes.
  • Fungal nails: It is a fungal disease that affects the nails, resulting from the presence of fungal diseases in the body of the infected person, and this disease is treated with antifungal drugs that the infected person adheres to, such as: Alimidazole compounds.

Nails are stiff

In this disease, the nails have a broad convex shape in all directions, and this occurs due to a disorder of the cellular tissue located under the skin, and this condition appears in people with cardiovascular disorders, orthopedic diseases, and in people with insufficient thyroid activity.

Po lines

They are interchangeable grooves that start at the beginning of the nail and extend to the tip at the end of its growth, and this disease occurs as a result of a disorder in the growth of the nails when the patient suffers from lung problems such as: the presence of measles, mumps, and this problem also appears for those with coronary thrombosis, and it also appears When suffering from cold. This disease is treated with the person's concern in treating the diseases that cause these lines.

Nail tumors

These tumors may be malignant or benign, and in both cases it occurs at the top of the mother of the nail, and among the most important signs indicating the presence of a tumor in a person: the presence of an ingrown nail, loosening of the nail, purulent bleeding under the nail plate, change in the color of the nail, the person feeling pain and itching in The nail or its feeling of pulse associated with this tumor. Whether the swelling is healthy or malignant, it needs to be treated, so a person who suffers from swollen nails should visit a doctor as soon as possible, as many times tumors develop into malignant tumors.

Melanoma under the nail

It is considered a rare disease, but it is one of the most malignant and dangerous nail tumors. Because it spreads and reigns quickly, and is also transmitted and developed rapidly, this disease is especially prevalent in the elderly, and most often affects the toe of the thumb. And the treatment of this disease is by performing the necessary surgeries, when the condition is chronic and cannot be treated with ointments or drugs, and dermatologists confirm that when a person performs continuous and regular follow-up, the chances of treatment increase greatly, and this sick person can avoid any relapses or rapid outbreaks accompanying For this disease.

Decay disease (spoon nails)

In this disease, the entire nail plate is in the form of a concave, or it takes the form of a suspended one, for example: if you put some drops of water on this curved nail, these drops do not fall off, and this problem prevails in young children, especially in the first year of their life, and in most cases the This disease affects more than one finger, and it is rare that it affects all fingers. The nail plate in this disease is thin, and in many cases the front of the freely growing nails is broken.

There are many forms of nail curvature disease, and doctors attribute this disease to the presence of a defect in the iron element in the body of the affected person, and this disease may also be created with the newborn for a genetic reason, and this condition may occur as a result of some people’s knowledge in a somewhat hot and humid atmosphere, so some people are affected. And it may also occur when using some chemicals such as detergents, or using petroleum products, and it also results when the nails are exposed to direct injuries, for example: we may find an auto mechanic with concave nails because he was exposed to many blows on his nails, as well as shoe makers, and others.

For the treatment of this condition in people who suffer from iron problems, they may need to see a doctor to get rid of this problem, but for others it is better for people to stay away from the use of chemicals harmful to the nails and paint removers, and some may need ointments that the doctor prescribes for them, as this is considered Ointments are effective in treating curved nails.