What are the symptoms of osteoporosis

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Osteoporosis, osteoporosis, or osteoporosis is a disease that is characterized by a decline in bone density and quality, and the weakening of the bones caused by this disease makes it more vulnerable to fractures, and the fact that osteoporosis does not appear suddenly, but rather develops slowly over several Years, and is usually diagnosed upon exposure to a fall or accident that caused a fracture of the bone. [1] [2] To better understand osteoporosis, it is worth noting that bones have a life cycle, so that the body destroys the old and replaces it with new bone tissue. The process of building bone is not equivalent to demolishing it, as this leads to the occurrence of osteoporosis, [3] which explains the occurrence of osteoporosis as well as the belief that bone density decreases due to the body’s loss of calcium.It is faster than its compensation, and the decline in bone density makes it vulnerable to fracture, but it should be noted that the decline in bone density does not represent osteoporosis, but rather is a preceding stage of osteoporosis, meaning that it is the stage that separates healthy bones from osteoporosis. [4]

It is also worth noting that osteoporosis is a common health problem, and it is the most common cause of fractures that afflict people over fifty years of age. According to the study published in the Journal of Osteoporosis and Mineral Metabolism in 2010, more than nine were recorded. Millions of fractures around the world are caused by osteoporosis, and these fractures ranged from hip fractures, spine fractures and others in the forearm. [5]

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Symptoms of osteoporosis

The fact that osteoporosis is called the silent disease, because it does not usually cause any symptoms or signs until the bones become very weak, and this is inferred by the occurrence of fractures in the bones after exposure to a minor accident such as a simple fall, for example, and fractures may occur after a simple movement during coughing or Sneezing, and it is worth noting that the bones most affected by osteoporosis and in which fractures occur more than others are the bones of the hips, wrists and the spine. [6] [7]

Among the symptoms and signs that may accompany osteoporosis, especially when the bones become very weak, we mention the following: [8]

  • Feeling of back pain as a result of fractures or problems of the vertebrae of the spine.
  • Decrease in the height of the person involved over time.
  • A bend in posture when standing.
  • The bones easily fracture more than normal.

Symptoms that require medical intervention

Symptoms that warrant a review of the doctor

In general, some individuals may turn to orthopedic doctors to consult them about the possibility of their infection with this disease in some cases, including if one of the parents has suffered a fracture of the hip or pelvis, as well as if the person has taken medicines that belong to the group of corticosteroids for several months each time it has been used, and may also go some women to seek medical advice about it when they reach menopause , especially if the lady after menopause complain of persistent pain in the lower back or neck, or When they reach menopause early, all of these cases require seeing a doctor for advice. [3] [9]

Symptoms that require immediate medical attention

It is necessary to see a doctor immediately or seek emergency services in cases where a person feels severe pain in the muscles or bones, especially if this pain causes impediment to the injured to carry out his usual functions, and it is worth going to the hospital immediately in the event of a shock (trauma) or Suspected fractures in any part of the body, especially the wrists, hip and spine . [9]


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