What are the symptoms of premature labor

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Symptoms of premature labor

Preterm labor , also known as preterm birth, is not required to occur when the symptoms of preterm labor appear, meaning that symptoms may appear without actually being followed by birth, but you must be careful to see a doctor if any of the symptoms appear Premature labor in order to obtain the necessary health care. Premature labor contractions may lead to some changes in the cervix, such as thinning and widening of the cervix, [1] [2] In general, the most important of these symptoms can be summarized as follows:

  • Regular contractions: They are contractions that occur repeatedly and regularly, so that they occur every 10 minutes, or even less than that, and which do not stop when changing the position of the body, meaning that they continue when lying down or sitting or taking any other position, and here it should be noted that this Contractions are different from Braxton Hicks contractions, or what is known as false labor, contractions of false labor are irregular, and they do not increase in intensity over time, but they diminish or even disappear when the position of the body changes, and in the event of the inability to To distinguish whether contractions are related to actual labor or false labor, it is worth seeing a doctor. [1]
  • Vaginal secretions change: blood may appear in the secretions , or mucous fluid, or the nature of the secretions may change to watery, with an increase in the number of secretions. [1] [2]
  • Back pain: The back pain that accompanies early labor is often concentrated in the lower part of it, and the pain may be continuous or intermittent, and the pain is characterized by its lack of intensity when doing some movements that help with comfort, such as changing the position of the body. [3]
  • Abdominal cramps: A woman may suffer from cramps in the lower abdomen, such as those cramps associated with menstruation, or that are similar in nature to the abdominal pain associated with diarrhea. [3]
  • Flu-like symptoms: If you are suffering from some flu-like symptoms, it is worth contacting the doctor immediately, even if the symptoms are mild, and these symptoms may include nausea , vomiting, and diarrhea, and it is worth seeing a doctor in the event of inability to drink fluids for more than 8 hours straight. [3]
  • Premature rupture of membranes: There may be a tear in the membrane surrounding the fetus, which leads to an outflow of fluid or a runny nose from the vagina, which is known as a preterm rupture of membranes. [4]
  • Other symptoms: Other symptoms that may accompany early labor: increased pressure in the pelvic area, and light vaginal bleeding or leaching. [4] [1]

The reasons for seeing a doctor

It is imperative to see a doctor immediately in the event of suffering from one of the aforementioned symptoms, or to visit one of the specialized health centers or hospitals, and it is worth noting that early labor is diagnosed in the event that some changes in the cervix are observed in a pregnant woman after the onset of contractions. To the importance of not worrying in the event of seeing a doctor and revealing that real labor has not started, and on the other hand, in the event that labor has not started, seeing a doctor adds reassurance to the mother and makes her feel comfortable and safe. [2] [5]

When is childbirth considered premature?

Childbirth is considered premature if it occurs in the period between 20-37 weeks of pregnancy as a result of the onset of early labor, and in the case of premature labor, the term preterm or premature babies is called , and the higher risk of exposure to health disorders is indicated the shorter the period Pregnancy, therefore, many premature babies need to undergo special health care in the hospital after birth. [6]


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