What does vaginal dryness mean

Written By The HealthMeth Team - Updated On Friday, December 17, 2021 6:00 PM

Vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness in many women causes many problems and annoying symptoms that bother them constantly, and each woman tries to find an appropriate treatment to get rid of this annoying dryness, and vaginal dryness means that an abnormal dryness of the inner vaginal wall leads to dryness of the mucous membranes that line it. Vaginal wall.

Causes of vaginal dryness

Natural causes

Vaginal dryness occurs naturally with aging, aging, and menopause, and this dryness is due to a lack of estrogen.

psychological reasons

Vaginal dryness reduces when a woman suffers from anxiety, tension, or depression permanently without any cause.

Physiological reasons

Vaginal dryness occurs if the woman suffers from many diseases such as diabetes, was exposed to circumcision, or used harmful drugs.

Pathological reasons

Vaginal dryness occurs in a woman, whether she is young or old, if she is exposed to:

  • Exposure to vaginitis; As it leads to dry mucous membranes that line the vaginal wall.
  • Excision of one or both of the ovaries.
  • Lack of practice of the marital relationship between husband and wife.
  • It occurs at the time of breastfeeding, or after birth.
  • The use of various medical drugs, such as: cancer treatment drugs, especially ovarian and uterine cancer, strong cold medicines, and depression medication.
  • Other factors such as heavy smoking, polycystic ovaries, lack of estrogen, and the presence of intrauterine fibroids.

Symptoms of vaginal dryness

  • Intense itching and constant urge to scratch in the vagina
  • Problems between husband and wife as a result of pain in the practice of the marital relationship to the lack of lubrication inside the vagina.
  • A woman's feeling that her vagina is more atrophied, as well as a lack of comfort.

Treat vaginal dryness

  • Take hormonal tablets or pills.
  • The use of many types of moisturizing creams containing the hormone estrogen to treat severe itching during sexual intercourse and vaginal dryness.
  • Exercising the marital relationship regularly and frequently; Because it makes the vaginal tissue more elastic, especially when a woman reaches menopause.

Methods for preventing vaginal dryness

  • Wearing underwear made of cotton and loose-fitting material.
  • Avoid practicing the marital relationship for a long time, in addition to avoiding smoking completely.
  • Use sanitary pads appropriate for the woman and the nature of her skin.
  • Pay attention to personal hygiene, and avoid using vaginal moisturisers that are in the form of cream or oil. Because it causes severe infections inside the vagina, and kills the sperm that enter the uterus.
  • Treating ovarian cysts when they appear quickly.