What hurts the hair

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Many girls make some daily and frequent mistakes that lead to long-term damage to their hair, and therefore, beware of making mistakes that harm their hair, and in this article we will talk about some of these mistakes. [1]

Mistakes that hurt hair

There are some mistakes that we commit that lead to hair damage, including: [2]

  • Irregular hair cutting: You must regularly cut your hair, even every two months, because failure to do so leads to damage to it, and makes it appear tired and lifeless.
  • Exposing hair to heat: Exposing your hair to heat through various means and tools such as: the dryer, the blow-dryer, or the iron damages it and makes it more vulnerable to split ends, and to avoid this, it is recommended to use creams to protect your hair before drying it.
  • Use a metal or rubber tie: Try to choose your hair tie from fabric, and if the hair tie contains metal or rubber, you must make sure that it is lined and not exposed. Because the rubber may melt on your hair, and the mineral may be affected by weather or rust.
  • Ignore scalp health: massage your scalp once a day. This is to move the blood circulation, and thus food reaches it.
  • Not accepting the nature of hair: you must accept the nature of your hair, whatever it is; Because that will motivate you to take care of it.

Mistakes hair care

There are some mistakes that we make when caring for hair, including: [3]

  • Frequent hair washing: You should always give your hair a leave from washing and drying for a period of two days, for example; This is because washing it daily or more than once a day makes it lose many of its natural oils, and makes it dry and more prone to breakage.
  • Excessive moisturizers : When using shampoo, moisturizers, gels or other hair products, do not apply large quantities of them at one time. Because it leads to damage to the hair, putting a few of it is enough, and it gives good results.
  • Wrong products: You have to know the type and nature of your hair, and the type of products that suit it. Do not use any products randomly.
  • Excessive conditioner : Too much conditioner is one of the wrong habits that destroy the hair, so even dry hair does not need large amounts of conditioner. Too much of it deprives him of vitality because it makes him remain still, and prevents him from moving spontaneously.
  • Combing hair frequently: try to brush your hair less frequently. So that it does not exceed twice a day; Because over-combing it will increase sebum secretion, or hair loss, especially if it is wet.


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