What is a sport

Written By The HealthMeth Team - Updated On Sunday, February 6, 2022 6:00 PM

Sport is one of the ways to preserve the body and increase energy in it, and sport is considered one of the things and means that treat many chronic diseases, and sport is considered to be a physical effort or a skill that the athlete uses to train under certain rules, which is considered a means of entertainment or competition in sports or for fun or strengthening Self-confidence, and sport differs from one person to another according to the different goals he is practicing, and sport in general differs in the way it performs, and whether this sport is collective or individual in play.

Sports history

Sport has been known for a long time. In the existing Egyptian monuments of the pharaohs, the pictures indicate the sport they used to train fighters to fight, and some pictures were on wrestling and dancing among women. Hunt deer and lions with arrows.

The concept of sport came from when a person was searching and chasing after his prey to hunt prey, so that he learned some sports such as archery and the use of the sword for self-defense, which originated these sports for purposes at that time, until it became at the present time a hobby or competition between athletes Or maintaining the body and fitness.

The importance of sports

Sport is one of the wonderful ways in which a person preserves the grace of the flesh that God has blessed him with.

  • Reducing the incidence of many diseases, including: diabetes, heart and lung disease, clogged arteries and cholesterol.
  • Maintaining the body weight in an ideal way so that the body is neither excess nor deficient, and the body is not flaccid and emaciated, so that exercise is a way to preserve and tighten the body's muscles, such as jogging, jogging and bodybuilding that work to strengthen, flex and enlarge the muscles.
  • Increase sexual power in women and men, it increases the sperms produced by the male organ without using some means that have a side effect on the body, so sport is the natural way to increase the production of animals in the male without negative aspects.
  • Exercise is a way to sleep better and reduce insomnia, and it is a way to preserve memory and brain power, and to increase and renew the activity of the body every day.

All sports have a way of performing or playing, so every person must discover the sport that he loves and add it to his life, for example, those who search for the beauty and strength of the body, bodybuilding is the best sport, and whoever seeks to reduce weight should run, jog and reduce food, and whoever loves fitness should play games in it Muscular effort such as football and basketball, and whoever has not found time to do sports exercises look for anything that needs effort such as going up and down the stairs and not using the elevator, washing the car, walking to the place he wants to reach, all these exercises give the body agility and strength and maintain it .