What is Cleanliness

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Hygiene is what is called the science of maintaining health, and it includes all aspects that affect the physical and mental well-being of human beings, as well as personally includes looking and checking food, water, other drinks, clothes, work, sleep, exercise, personal hygiene , and mental health In general terms, it deals with soil, climate, materials, arranging the house, heating, ventilation, waste removal, medical care in the event of disease, and its prevention. [1]

personal cleanliness

Personal hygiene is defined as maintaining the cleanliness of the body and clothes to maintain general health, and it includes many different activities related to self-care, such as: washing and bathing, and it includes washing after using the bathroom, oral care, combing hair, wearing tidy clothes, and keeping them clean. [2]

The importance of hygiene

Hygiene is considered one of the most important things at all, because it works on all of the following: [2]

  • Protect people from spreading diseases through external parasites, or when in contact with pollutants, fecal germs, or other body fluids.
  • Protecting the skin from rashes and protecting sores from contact with pollutants.
  • Maintaining oral hygiene reduces the risk of malnutrition, difficulty swallowing, or infections caused by bacteria in the mouth that enter the bloodstream and other body tissues.
  • Avoid exposure to social embarrassment, due to poor hygiene. Maintaining hygiene improves morale, and reduces the risk of depression.

The basics of good hygiene

There are some basics that must be done to maintain hygiene, including the following: [3]

  • Regular body washing , as doctors agree on the necessity to wash the body once a day, or at least several times a week, depending on the nature of the activities that the individual performs during his day.
  • Washing hair with shampoo at least once a week, or more than once, depending on the activities that the individual undertakes, such as: playing sports, work, weather, and other activities.
  • Brushing the teeth at least once a day, and it is preferable to brush them twice a day, or after every meal.
  • Always wash your hands after going to the bathroom, and before and after preparing food.
  • Wearing clean clothes.
  • Covering the mouth when coughing or sneezing.
  • Cut nails, or clean and sterilize them if they are long.


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