What is family medicine

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Family doctor

The family doctor is the doctor who provides primary and comprehensive health care for all family members, regardless of their gender, age, and the nature of their disease, whether behavioral, psychological, or organic, with the aim of promoting family health and preventing their infection from many diseases, which preserves Their health, and society protects from infection with many diseases, and in this article we will introduce you to family medicine.

What is family medicine

Family Medicine Jobs

Family medicine is distinguished by its success and spread, due to its raising of the patient’s logo first, as it meets all the needs of patients, and their comfort in emergencies, the hospital and the clinic, and also provides diagnosis and appropriate treatment for patients, and the function of the family doctor lies in the following:

  • Helping family members easily obtain environmental care.
  • Treating many health problems that family members are exposed to, especially clinical and surgical diseases, such as respiratory diseases, urinary system, and skin diseases.
  • Directing patients to medical professionals in the event that no treatment is possible.
  • Understand the psychological state of patients, and the factors affecting them.
  • Early detection of any disease threatening society.
  • Keep records of each patient, which includes his health status and medical history.
  • Preserving the privacy of his patients, and not disclosing it to anyone.
  • Follow up on patients' condition, and all the changes made to them.
  • Advise family members to follow a healthy diet, exercise, and learn ways to prevent various diseases.
  • Coordination Work with a physiotherapist, nursing staff, and psychiatrists.
  • Continuous follow-up, and comprehensive health care.
  • Protecting family members from various diseases, by providing them with the necessary vaccinations, clinical examination, and some important tests, such as cholesterol, cancer, and blood checks.
  • Treating chronic diseases, such as asthma, diabetes, blood pressure, and heart disease.
  • Check the health of the eyes, and keep them safe.
  • Care for the elderly.
  • Taking care of the health of the pregnant woman and her fetus, and teaching how to birth control.
  • Attention to the health of the environment.

Advantages of a family doctor

  • Flexibility.
  • The ability to adapt to the changing needs of society from time to time.
  • Enjoying a strong and serious desire to serve patients and help them solve health problems.
  • Knowledge.
  • Skill.

Family Medicine Clinics

  • Healthy Babies Clinic: In which the health of the child and his mother is examined six weeks after birth, and matters related to the mother’s health awareness are discussed, in addition to assessing the child's growth six weeks after birth, and setting up a schedule of immunization from diseases three months after birth.
  • Pregnant women clinic: through which the best services are provided to expectant mothers, and health awareness is increased among mothers.
  • Aviation medicine clinic: through which the pilots and technicians are examined.
  • Preventive medicine: through it, attention is paid to the living facilities located in the bases of the Ministry of Aviation, Defense, Health in schools, and others, in addition to providing reports on diseases prevalent in them.