What is hair keratin

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Keratin hair

Keratin is known as the protein found naturally in hair, [1] and it is the protein that contributes to strengthening hair and making it shiny, and it may be present in smaller quantities in people who have curly hair, which causes it to become rough and dry, and keratin treatments are usually used In beauty salons to treat hair with keratin protein, to soften it for several months, [2] and researchers concluded in 2013 that the effective components of keratin are useful substances for people who want to strengthen their hair. [3]

Keratin treatment

Keratin in beauty salons

The beautician or hairdresser applies keratin products to the hair, by using a thermal hair iron to fix it on the hair, and the process may take about 90 minutes or more, depending on the length of the hair, and it is indicated that the hair should not be washed for three or four days after the treatment, And make sure to use a sodium- and sulfur-free shampoo to maintain the effectiveness of the treatment, noting that its results last for two months, to two and a half months. [1]

Keratin products

There are some products that contain keratin, such as: keratin serums, shampoos, and conditioners, as these products help to repair dry hair caused by heat and dyes, and make it resistant to damage, but the same results that the treatment shows in beauty salons cannot be shown. [3]

Keratin supplements

There are some nutritional supplements for keratin in the form of capsules or powder, and they can be found in health food stores, but they may pose some risks if they are overused and increase the proportion of protein in the body. [3]

Hair keratin dangers

Keratin treatment contains large amounts of formaldehyde, and constant exposure to it and inhalation of the resulting vapors may cause several damages , such as: respiratory problems, nosebleeds, and for pregnant women or those with sensitivity to formaldehyde or problems In the respiratory system, it is advised to avoid its use. [3]


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