What is oak bark

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Oak bark

Oak bark (Quercus robur), or the so-called white oak, belongs to the Fagaceae family, and is collected from oak trees between March to April, and oak bark is used as a herbal preparation, and it is available in the form of grains According to the Food and Drug Administration, or powder, or extract, it can also be taken in the form of tea. [1] [2]

Benefits of oak bark

Benefits of oak bark according to the degree of effectiveness

There is insufficient evidence of its effectiveness (Insufficient Evidence).

It should be noted that these benefits are not confirmed and need more studies to prove their effectiveness, and we mention the following: [3]

  • Relief from colds .
  • Reducing fever.
  • Relieve cough.
  • Reducing diarrhea.
  • Improvement in the cases of people with anorexia.
  • Improve digestion.

Scientific studies on the benefits of oak bark

A study published in Molecules in 2015 showed: Several of the compounds in oak bark extract possess anti- bacterial properties . [4]

Damage to oak bark

The degree of safety of oak bark

It is probably safe to eat oak bark for most people for two to three days, but taking it for a longer period of time is often unsafe. [3] It should be noted that there is not enough evidence to confirm the degree of safety of oak bark during pregnancy and lactation, and therefore it is recommended to avoid it during these periods. [5]

Precautions for using oak bark

Some people should be careful when consuming oak bark, in order to avoid possible side effects from it. We mention the following: [6] [7]

  • People with heart disease.
  • People with skin diseases, including eczema, or large areas of skin damage.
  • People with hypertonia: a neurological condition that causes significant muscle tension.
  • People with a fever or infection.
  • People with kidney problems .
  • People with liver problems.

How to use oak bark

As mentioned earlier; Oak bark is available in the form of grains, or dyes, and it can also be consumed in the form of tea, either as leaves or tea bags, prepared by steeping the tea bag in a cup or 250 ml of hot water, or by boiling about 3 grams of oak bark with several cups of water Then filter it and drink it. [8]

Safe Doses of Oak Bark

There is not enough scientific information available that specifies safe and appropriate doses of oak bark, as the doses depend on the person’s age, health status, and many other factors, and the safety of consuming all natural products is not required, so it is necessary to know the appropriate doses and follow the instructions on the product labels or consult a pharmacist. , A doctor, or a health care professional. [5]


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