What is the benefit of exercising

Written By The HealthMeth Team - Updated On Saturday, March 13, 2021 6:00 PM

Disease prevention

Exercise protects against many serious and chronic diseases, which would negatively affect the health of the body and pose a threat to life, including blood pressure problems, high lipid profile , diabetes, high cholesterol and others, according to the research issued by the Association American Heart. [1]

Bone strengthening

Bones are part of the body that can be demolished, decomposed and constructive, which increases the risk of human exposure to many problems, on top of which is the problem of osteoporosis, as this results from a lack or lack of density and strength of bones, and it is worth noting that sport plays a prominent role in overcoming this Weakness, and thus it protects against these diseases, by rebuilding bone mass. Among the sports important for bone health are running, jogging, dancing, walking , as well as tennis and others. [1]

Get rid of obesity

Sport is one of the factors that help to get rid of excess weight, as a study carried out in 2007 in a high school showed that those who practice various exercises are considered less likely to obesity and depression, and they are less inclined towards practicing dangerous health habits, including smoking and drug abuse. , And others. [2]

It is worth noting that some enjoyable sports can be practiced that eliminate routine and boredom, and at the same time help to improve the external appearance of the body, and help to get rid of fat, and among these sports is skiing, which leads to burning approximately 500 calories within one hour. [3]

Enhancing leadership capabilities

The benefits of sports are not limited to the physical side, but are considered among the things that enhance the leadership capabilities of individuals, and this includes both football, basketball and others, as studies prepared in secondary schools have shown that there is a close relationship between sport and leadership qualities. As it allows individuals to practice both training and retrying, winning and others, and practicing sports enhances their teamwork skill. [4]


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