What is the food that lengthens the hair

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Protein-rich foods

Protein is the main component of hair, and the most important nutrient for its health, and eating it has a great effect on it, according to nutritionist Priya Teo, and keratin is the main responsible for its strength and elasticity, and protein deficiency may affect hair growth; Therefore, it is preferable to eat foods that contain a lot of protein, such as: lean meat slices, salmon, an omelette, grilled chicken breasts, and soy protein, and beans and legumes can be eaten with starchy foods such as wheat, rice and corn; To obtain a wide range of amino acids necessary for the production of keratin and healthy hair, according to nutritionist Priya Teo, it is advised to make sure that in the absence of meat, the individual consumes a large amount of different protein sources to meet his need of amino acids. [1]

Iron-rich foods

Iron is an important component for hair . Therefore, it is advised to eat iron-rich. Because iron deficiency in the body may cause hair loss, and foods that contain iron: dark green vegetables such as kale and spinach, egg yolks, liver, red meat, fatty fish, and breakfast cereals. [2]

Foods that contain omega-3

Omega-3 fatty acids help promote hair growth and shine, and the body cannot manufacture these healthy fats, and they can be obtained by eating multiple foods, such as: fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel, sardines, tuna, and fish. Herring, nuts, and seeds such as flaxseed. [3]

Foods containing biotin

Biotin or water-soluble vitamin B, also known as vitamin E, helps to strengthen keratin in hair, and helps reduce hair loss caused by autoimmune disease when taken with zinc, so it is preferable to eat foods that contain On it, such as cheese, yogurt, liver, chicken, [3] avocados, eggs, and sunflower seeds; Where biotin helps speed up hair growth. [4]

Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is rich in protein, it helps increase blood flow to the scalp, and increases hair growth, and it contains vitamin B5, which is called pantothenic acid, which helps stop hair thinning and hair loss. [5]

Foods to promote healthy hair

Foods that help promote healthy hair include:

  • Sweet potato : Potatoes have the antioxidant carotene, which the body converts into vitamin A, which helps prevent dryness and dullness of hair, and promotes the production of sebum, and for this it is recommended to eat vegetables and fruits that contain beta-carotene, such as: carrots, apricots, asparagus, manga, kale, And broccoli. [3]
  • Guava: Guava is rich in vitamin C, which helps prevent hair breakage, as one cup of guava contains 377 mg of vitamin C. [5]


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