What is the food that strengthens the bones

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Bone health

Bones play many roles in the human body, as they provide the body with the supportive structure, and work to protect its internal organs, as it also stabilizes muscles and stores calcium , so it is very necessary to maintain the building of strong and healthy bones, especially in childhood and adolescence . Bone health is very important, because the bones of the body are constantly renewed, as the body periodically manufactures new bone and shatters the old bone. [1]

It is worth noting that in childhood, the body manufactures new bone faster than the speed of the shattering process, which works to increase bone mass, as the maximum value of bone mass reaches most people by the age of thirty, then the process of bone regeneration continues, but the loss of mass The bone is relatively higher in structure, and it is necessary to know that the maximum bone mass that people reach at the age of thirty affects the likelihood of developing osteoporosis in the future, so the higher the mass, the less likely that osteoporosis will develop with age. It is easier than some people think, and that is through a proper understanding of the importance of healthy food, physical exercise, and some other factors that affect bone health and mass. [1]

Food that strengthens bones

A proper diet helps to strengthen the bones, as it is recommended to follow the following: [2]

  • Eat dark vegetables: Calcium is one of the most important elements for strengthening bones, and certainly it can be found in various dairy products, but it is also available in dark leafy vegetables , such as: cabbage, turnips, and cabbage, as one cup of cooked green cabbage contains about 200 mg of calcium, which is approximately 20% of the body's daily need, and it is worth noting that dark vegetables also contain vitamin K , which in turn reduces the risk of osteoporosis in the future.
  • Eating foods rich in potassium and magnesium: the elements of magnesium and potassium have a very important role in bone health, as when the level of the magnesium element is low, an imbalance of vitamin D occurs , which in turn affects bone health, and the potassium element works to neutralize the acids in the body that Its presence can lead to calcium being excreted from the bones, and among the foods it is recommended to eat to obtain these two elements; Sweet potato is baked medium size without adding salt , as it contains 31 mg of magnesium and approximately 542 mg of potassium.
  • Eating citrus fruits: It is recommended to eat grapefruit or other citrus fruits, as citrus fruits contain vitamin C , which was found to help prevent bone breakdowns, as one piece of pink or red grapefruit contains about 91 mg Of vitamin C, which provides the body with the amount it needs from it throughout the day, and in the event that the acidity of grapefruit juice is not tolerated or not palatable, it is recommended to eat navel oranges, because one grain of it contains approximately 83 mg of vitamin C.
  • Eating figs: as figs are at the top of the list of foods that help to strengthen bones, as it should be noted that eating five medium-sized grains of figs provides the body with about 90 mg of calcium and other nutrients that maintain a healthy bone structure such as : Potassium and magnesium, fresh figs grow during the summer and autumn seasons, and dried figs can be found throughout the year, as half a cup of dried figs contains approximately 121 mg of calcium.
  • Eating almonds: Eating ground almonds and almond butter works to provide the body with adequate amounts of calcium, as it should be noted that the two tablespoons of almond butter contain approximately 112 mg of calcium, in addition to the fact that almonds contain potassium. Two tablespoons of it provide the body with about 240 mg of potassium, and it also contains protein and other nutrients that work to strengthen the body and build strong and healthy bones.
  • Drinking milk: Drinking animal milk supports bone health because it contains calcium and vitamin D, and drinking milk made from a vegetable source, such as: soy milk , almonds, or coconut , can contain high amounts of vitamin D and calcium. It is usually added to and supplemented with it.
  • Eat food rich in omega-3 fatty acids: because the omega-3 fatty acid works to strengthen bones, by helping to build new bones, and protecting against loss and loss of bone mass, especially in the elderly. [3]
  • Avoid a low-calorie diet: This is because a diet that contains very low amounts of calories works to reduce bone density, and it should be noted that the minimum calorie intake that must be consumed daily to maintain bone health is 1200 calories. [3]

Bone-strengthening exercises

It is necessary to know the most important exercises that must be practiced to maintain bone strength and structure for each age group, as physical activity is one of the most important methods used to maintain bone health, and adults over the age of 35 years are advised to exercise in order to reduce the natural bone loss that occurs During this age period, and some of the exercises that are recommended to be practiced are: [4]

  • The fast walking.
  • Climbing stairs.
  • Weightlifting with moderate resistance.
  • Download or move widgets.
  • Gardening work such as; Digging and shoveling.


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