World Club Ranking 2012

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2012 Championships

The year 2012 is considered a different year in terms of the ranking of the first football teams in the world, as teams were able to regain their football status again like Real Madrid, and others were able to achieve many important tournaments that they write in their history and which they will strive hard to preserve in the coming years, as a team Manchester City, England.

World Club Ranking 2012

The ranking of the ten strongest soccer clubs in the world came in 2012 as follows:

Manchester City

He deserved to get the first place this year after winning the English Premier League and qualifying for the Champions League, after forty years had passed away from the tournaments, and the best times of Manchester City were in the early 1960s and lasted until about the mid-seventies, where he managed to win the League Championship and the FA Cup. , And the European Cup Winners' Cup. He and Manchester United are considered representatives of the English county of Manchester in the league.

AC Milan ''

AC Milan is considered the most successful Italian club in winning European and international championships and titles, which reached eighteen titles, on par with Argentine Boca Juniors, and in Italy AC Milan was able in the 1991 season to win the Italian League without losing a single game, as the team was The only one who played fifty-eight consecutive league matches without defeat, and also ranks second in history in winning the Italian League after Juventus with eighteen titles, while Juventus has won seven and twenty titles in its history.


The Portuguese club is the most famous European, as it has previously won seven European titles, and the second locally with sixty-three local championships, of which twenty-five times have won the Portuguese League, and it also holds the record for winning the championship in a row, when it was able to obtain it five times in a row, which is What no Portuguese club has achieved.


It is one of two clubs in the Italian city of Milan, the other is Milan. Inter Milan was established in 1908, and since that time it has become one of the most important pillars of Italian football, winning in its history thirty local championships, including eighteen titles in the Italian League.

Real Madrid

According to the results announced by the International Federation for Statistics, the Spanish Royal Club, Real Madrid, is the greatest club of the twentieth century. The world, except that he was able to win the Spanish League at last and after an absence, leaving him only to win the Champions League title to complete his journey back to the top again.

Manchester United

Although Manchester United was unable to win the Premier League title in the last season and lost the title to Manchester City, and despite the club's early exit from the Champions League, the team’s fans are waiting for holidays next year, knowing that the team is in a transitional phase, and it is worth noting that Manchester United, led by Sir Alex Ferguson, became the number one club in England when they won the league title nineteen times.


Barcelona did not win any major championships this season, and despite this, the club's players helped the Spanish national team win the European Nations Cup for the second time in a row, and the team remains the strongest and best performing in Spain despite losing the league to Real Madrid.


The first club to claim European titles, Liverpool have won the Champions League five times, three European Cups, and three European Super Cups, and are second locally with eighteen league titles after Manchester United.

Bayern Munich

He is the strongest and most successful in Germany, with twenty-two leagues and eighteen cups.


The last ten years are the most successful in the club's history, and the team has won the English Premier League four times, the FA Cup six times, and the European Champions League once.