Complications of albumin disease

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Disease complications

Increasing the patient's likelihood of having a bacterial infection, especially the surrounding bacteria of the hemophilus type B, and the reason for this is the loss of protein in the urine, which includes gamma globulin and factor-B, and among the reasons is also the presence of an imbalance in the macrophages and T cells, and the presence of general ascites as well with wounds in the skin .

Among the complications that also occur is the occurrence of clots in various parts of the body, and the reason for this is due to the increase in fats in the blood, and the reasons as well as the loss of anticoagulants in the urine such as protein C and protein S

Complications include the occurrence of anemia due to iron deficiency, due to the loss of iron transporter protein in the urine, as well as a deficiency in vitamin D due to the loss of protein transporting it in the urine, and a deficiency in zinc and copper for the same reason mentioned above.

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Summary of the disease

Albumin disease is the loss of protein in the urine with ascites and an increase in body fat, and the most common cause of it is the disease of slight change in children, and the most common cause of it is diabetes and pressure disease in adults, and the most important symptoms are the occurrence of swelling around the eye area, and the most important tests used in His diagnosis is to collect urine for a period of twenty-four hours to measure the percentage of protein in it, and from the complications of this disease the occurrence of acute infections in various areas of the body as well as the occurrence of clots, and the treatment of this disease is based on cortisone, and it is important to inform parents about the symptoms of using cortisone in treatment.


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