Diagnosis of hemorrhoid disease and hemorrhoid treatment

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Hemorrhoid diagnosis

Diagnosis of this disease depends on the symptoms, and on taking a complete medical history, including the history of births in women, and previous operations, whether in the area of ​​the digestive system, the anus, or the genital area in the woman, Crohn's disease, and previous exposure to radiation, especially the curative rays of the abdominal area , as well as In the case of anal fistula , the work of an anal, rectal and sigmoidoscope is necessary to obtain information about the strength of the anal valve, and to exclude the presence of other diseases, and in the case of anal fistula, the location of the internal opening must be determined, the location of the external opening must be determined, as well as the path between the two openings.

Among the tests taken in the case of an air fistula between the windpipe and the esophagus, or between the larynx and the esophagus, a chest x-ray. Where it is noticed that there is an enlargement in the middle of the chest area, and the presence of infections in the chest sometimes, as well as from the tests that benefit: swallowing a substance called barium, which is useful in determining the path of the fistula , and in the case of the vesical fistula from the examinations that benefit in this is an abdominal radiograph that indicates The presence of a blockage in the intestine leading to the fistula, and among the most important tests: a computer-based image, which is used to know the changes in Crohn's disease and to determine the course of the fistula,

Fistula treatment

Fistula treatment is based on surgical treatment. Where, in cases of air and vesico-fistulas, first the fistula is cut, and then the organs are grafted or connected by surgical sutures and closed, and in the case of anal fistulas, sometimes they are first cleaned and expanded, and then a thread is placed in the fistula area that helps in healing the fistula area.

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