Benefits of drinking frankincense male

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Frankincense dhikr

Male frankincense is known by several names, including: sacred frankincense and sacred Boswellian, as some call it nomadic frankincense, or frankincense, or kinder, or frankincense, as it is also known as myrrh. The frankincense tree belongs to the Burseraceae family, and it is a branched tree that ranges in size from medium to large, and grows in the dry mountainous regions of India, North Africa, and the Middle East region. [1] It is considered one of the plants that have been used since ancient times. As for male frankincense, it is the gum extracted from the frankincense tree. And that is by making an incision in the tree trunk, extracting it and storing it after that in special boxes. [2] [3]

There are many types of male frankincense known, including: what is known by the scientific name Boswellia sacra, and this type originates in Yemen and Oman, in addition to the Boswellia carteri type, which has its origin in Malaysia, and the third type is known by the scientific name Boswellia serrata, and this type dates back to China. And India. [4]

Benefits of male frankincense

Benefits of drinking male gum according to the degree of effectiveness

There is insufficient evidence of effectiveness.

The following are the benefits of the male frankincense type Boswellia carteri and Boswellia sacra, bearing in mind that there is insufficient evidence to confirm the effectiveness of the male frankincense of these two types in these cases, and more studies are still needed to confirm this: [5]

  • Relieve colic.
  • Reducing gases.
  • Other benefits.

Benefits of drinking Indian male frankincense according to the degree of effectiveness

Frankincense male provides a wide range of health benefits, which we explain as follows:

Possibly Effective

  • Helps improve osteoarthritis: Some studies indicate that taking certain extracts of it can contribute to reducing pain and improving mobility in people who suffer from this inflammation, and research has shown that it may reduce joint pain by between 32% to 65%. %. [6]
  • Helps relieve ulcerative colitis: It has been observed that taking it may help improve symptoms of this inflammation in some people, and some research shows that it can enhance the relief of this disease in 70% to 82% of people. [6]

There is insufficient evidence of effectiveness.

  • Reducing cluster headaches: Some research has indicated that male frankincense can help reduce the frequency and severity of cluster headaches , but its proof needs more research. [6]
  • Improve intestinal inflammatory diseases: ; One study showed that eating 400 mg of frankincense for a male, three times a day for six weeks, helped reduce symptoms of the disease, but there is no conclusive evidence to prove this effect. [6]

Benefits of frankincense for asthma

Some evidence has indicated that taking Indian male frankincense extract may help reduce the occurrence of asthma attacks, improve breathing, and reduce symptoms associated with this condition. [6]

Benefits of male gum for diabetics

A study published in the Jundishapur Journal of Natural Pharmaceutical Products in 2012 indicated that the male frankincense extract of the Boswellia serrata type possessed anti-diabetic properties, which could reduce the complications of diabetes in the liver and kidneys, but it should be noted that this study was conducted on mice, and so on. Humans still need to confirm their results. [7]

For more details about the benefits and harms of male gum, you can read the article on the benefits and harms of male gum .

Damage to male gum

The degree of safety of the male gum and the caveats of its use

Male frankincense, Boswellia carteri or Boswellia sacra, is safe for most adults, but it is recommended to avoid consuming it during pregnancy and breastfeeding. This is because there is not enough evidence about the safety of taking it during these periods. [8]

The degree of safety of the Indian male frankincense and the precautions for its use

The use of Indian frankincense is often considered safe , but it may cause mild side effects for some people, which include: nausea , abdominal pain, diarrhea, and heartburn, and Indian male frankincense is often safe if it is consumed in quantities usually found in foods during pregnancy and lactation. However, it is recommended not to use it in medicinal amounts, as there is insufficient information about the safety of using it in these quantities during pregnancy or breastfeeding. [6]

It should be noted that patients with auto-immune diseases , including: sclerosis, lupus , and rheumatoid arthritis; They recommend avoiding the use of male frankincense, as it may exacerbate symptoms. [6]

Common questions about male frankincense

What are the benefits of frankincense oil male

Male frankincense is steam distilled to produce frankincense essential oil, which has a woody, fruity scent. [9] A study published in the journal Zeitschrift für Naturforschung in 2014 indicated that the oil extracted from male frankincense from the Boswellia sacra type possessed immunostimulating properties, which enhanced its immune-stimulating properties. This plant is anti-inflammatory, [10] and it is worth noting here that people who suffer from autoimmune diseases must be careful and careful when using male gum, as mentioned previously in the section Damage to male gum. [6]

It should also be noted that male frankincense essential oil was a preliminary study that possessed properties that inhibit the growth of tumors in the breast and stimulate the death of cells in them, in a preliminary study published in Oncology Reports in 2017, and they were conducted on female mice, but this study is not confirmed, and there is still These results need to be confirmed in humans. [11]

Is drinking frankincense on an empty stomach useful?

There are no scientific studies that show that eating male frankincense on an empty stomach may provide special benefits for health, and in general, there are many benefits associated with eating male frankincense, which we mentioned earlier in the article.

Does male gum help to reduce weight

There are no studies to suggest that male frankincense may contribute to weight loss.

Is male frankincense useful for a pregnant woman

There are no studies indicating that Indian male frankincense has special benefits for pregnant women, and as we mentioned previously, it is recommended to eat it in moderate amounts of food during pregnancy, [6] As for the type of other types of frankincense, pregnant women are advised to avoid them completely. [8]

Does male's gum cause damage to the kidneys?

There is not enough information indicating the harms of using male gum on the kidneys.

Is male gum good for babies and children?

There are no studies indicating the benefits or safety of using male gum for children and infants, and in general it is recommended to consult a doctor before giving the child or infant any type of herbs or plant supplements. [12]

What are the ways to use male frankincense

Male milk can be used by soaking it and drinking it as a tea, or eating it as a type of nutritional supplement, and it is worth noting that it is important to consult a doctor before using male gum as a nutritional supplement. [13]

What are the types of male gum and where are they found

As mentioned earlier; The frankincense has many different varieties: it is the hogri frankincense, the najdi, the chazri, and the plain frankincense, which is of less quality than the rest of the types. To Yemen and Oman, in addition to North African and other countries. [14]


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