Definition of the Olympic Games

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an introduction

The interest in sports and sports was not born in the modern era, everyone has been interested in sports since ancient times, and matches were held between competitors, but what distinguishes sports today from sports yesterday is the set of rules and laws that govern them, which were established in order to obtain a sporting ethics that serves Sports and athletes. One of the most important things that sports professionals are interested in, the Olympic Games, which we will learn about through the following article.

Olympic Games

The Olympic Games include talking about a group of sports that are held, whether in the winter period or during the summer period, which are open to participation for all of the sexes, and in the various games that they desire. They do not set restrictions or conditions for participation in the Olympic Games, but rather allow for any Someone to share. The Olympic Games are held every two years of even years, and the games are held in the same place in the summer and winter periods. The Olympic Games took the name because of their first establishment in the Greek city of Olympiad, and since then it has taken that name.

The Olympic Games began to develop little by little, to the point that they included all kinds of sports, leaving no field without participating in it, and they also began to include sports for the disabled and those with special needs, and the Olympic Committee was trying to take into account the political and economic conditions as much as possible. The Olympic Games began to enter the field of economics, as the largest advertising and advertising companies made great and enormous offers for professional players, and professional athletes began to join the Olympic Games.

Today, the Olympic Games include more than one side, as it includes international sports federations, and it includes the National Olympic Committees, in addition to the committees joining the Special Olympics, and the Olympic Paradise is responsible for choosing the city that will host the Olympic Games, which is responsible for financing Olympic Games and their organization.

Also, prior to the holding of the Olympic Games, it is agreed upon the games that will be held during the Games, and the slogans and symbols used are agreed upon, and the most important of these symbols and slogans are the Olympic torch and the Olympic flag.

An opening ceremony for the Olympic Games and a closing ceremony are also held after the completion of the Olympic Games period, in which prizes are distributed to the winners of the competitions in which they have participated, and the gold medal is presented to the first-place winners, while the silver medal is presented to the second-place winners, and the medal Bronze for the third place.

In our day, every country participates in the Olympic Games, as almost all countries participate in the Olympic Games, but it is not without the entry of corruption into the organizations responsible for organizing the Olympic Games, as bribes have become offered to officials in order to obtain victory and fame. Thus, grudges began to arise between countries.

Olympic Games in the past

It is said that the Greeks were the first to discover the idea of ​​the Olympic Games, which was taken from the Phoenicians, as they were residents of the East Coast, and therefore many sports were held in that region, and that was during the periods of religious festivals celebrations.

But the sporting works in the ancient Olympics did not include only one sport, which is jogging or night-time running, and it was carried out among a large number of participants, and the distance that was crossed during that period was 192 meters, and it was held once every four years.

Then the developments began to appear on the Olympic Games little by little, until it reached its last form that we see today, and the Olympic Games includes many activities, in addition to many symbols that are used during the Olympic Games.

One of the most important symbols of the Olympic Games

Olympic flag

The Olympic flag is a white flag, containing some ripples that appear very beautifully during its flapping in the air, as it must contain four colored circles interconnected with each other, and each circle represents one of the five continents, and this flag is one of the things The aim of the Olympic Games is to strengthen ties between continents, regardless of any differences or problems, in order to forget the hatred that prevails between many countries.

This Olympic flag is the idea of ​​Frenchman Pepper de Coubertin, one of those who still puts touches to say the least wonderful at the Olympic Games.

Olympic section

The Olympic section is read on the day of the opening of the Olympic Games, and the reading is by the largest athletes in the host country of the Olympic Games, and the French Pepper is the author of this section, and the text of the values ​​includes one phrase: “We swear that we accept the games as honest perseverers, we respect their laws We seek to participate with it with gallantry, for the honor of our country and the glory of sports. ''

The Olympic anthem

The Olympic anthem was adopted by the Olympic Committee, and the first time the Olympic anthem was repeated was the Athens Games that took place in 1896 AD, and the anthem was a quote from some Greek music, and it is still repeated until this moment.

Olympic emblem

This slogan is present at the entrances to all the stadiums where the matches are held, and it is a slogan that carries the spirit of competition between the competitors in the matches.

Olympic Charter

It is a constitution that includes all laws, regulations and courses related to the Olympic Games, and is familiar with all provisions that the International Olympic Committee approves in order to reduce errors or avoid problems between the participants, or between the jury.

Olympic Games ceremonies

As we know, the Olympic Games event is the same as other events, through which many ceremonies take place, all of which carry the same goal, which is global friendship and peaceful cooperation.

The ceremony begins with the opening ceremony, in which a review is made for all the countries participating in the Olympic Games, and the delegations of the countries participating in the Games begin to intervene at the opening.

The ceremony begins with a little purposeful music, beautiful artwork, and then some speeches by some important people, as well as an Olympic torch exchange.

The start of the Olympic Games is announced after the last runners light the flame, and the start of the Olympic Games is announced by the president of the host country for the Olympic teams, and a flock of pigeons are released into the air in order to obtain hope through these baths that express peace.

The Olympic flag and the Olympic section are among the most important things that take place during the opening ceremonies, as we mentioned that the flag represents the union and synergy between the countries participating in the Olympic Games, and the section also represents a kind of loyalty towards participation in the Olympic Games.