Benefits of steam for hair

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Steam and poetry

Steam is meant saunas as soon as we hear this sentence until saunas come to mind for the skin or for the face and the great benefit of these baths, but we overlook another aspect of these baths and their benefits, which is the steam bath for hair. Sauna bath You can enjoy its benefits by going to salons Beauty, where the cosmetologist or hairdresser uses the steamer device for hair after you apply a moisturizing cream specifically for this purpose, and then you are allowed to use the device, which is a circular cavity that is placed above your head and does not touch it for a period of time until you finish the steam session for hair. [1]

Steam bath method

You can implement a steam bath at home, as it is less expensive and does not take much time in two ways: [1]

  • Moisten your hair with water, then place a towel in the microwave until it is hot, take it out and wrap it over your damp hair until it cools.
  • Put in a saucepan a quantity of hot water, and you can add some herbs to increase moisture and benefit. Dip the towel in hot water until the water is completely absorbed, then squeeze it and wrap it around your hair until it cools.

Benefits of steam for hair

Among the benefits of steam for hair are the following: [1]

  • Moisturizing the hair and adding luster to it, especially if a moisturizing cream is applied to the hair, or mixing water wet with a towel with natural herbs.
  • Cleaning the hair from dirt, dirt and dust before applying the masks to the hair, as it works to lighten the pores of the scalp and eliminate deposits around the hair follicles due to the secretion of sebaceous glands; Which contributes to the absorption of oils and masks that are applied to the hair more effectively.
  • Eliminate frequent showers to clean hair, which may cause hair to dry out and split. In this way, the hair is cleaned without washing and exposing it to water. [2]
  • Increase the rate of hair growth; Because steam stimulates and stimulates hair follicles, which increases hair density and in turn reduces hair loss. [2]
  • Reducing the problem of hair entanglement, which leads to hair breakage and split ends; Therefore, it is preferable, especially for those with long hair, to expose the hair to steam after taking a shower by wrapping a hot towel over the hair to cool down. [2]
  • Helping to have longer hair; As applying oils such as castor oil or olive oil to the hair and then exposing it to steam with a hot damp towel increases the hair’s absorption of the oil and by continuing to such baths increases the length of your hair in a way that you will touch it yourself. [3]
  • Steam gets rid of the problem of oily hair and the problem of frequent need to wash it daily, which may destroy the hair follicles. [3]


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