What are the benefits of plant sugar

Written By The HealthMeth Team - Updated On Tuesday, January 11, 2022 3:00 PM

Plant sugar

Most people eat sweets of all kinds. They prefer it to other foods, due to its desirable taste for everyone, and vegetable sugar is one of these simple sweets. And benefits.

Some people use vegetable sugar to sweeten some foods and drinks, as it may replace regular white sugar in many cases. Note that vegetable sugar was named after the substance from which it was extracted, which is sugar cane juice.

Preparation of plant sugar

the ingredients

  • Five kilograms of sugar cane juice.
  • Two and a half liters of water.
  • Two large egg whites.
  • Half a teaspoon of tartar salt.

How to prepare

  • Plant sugar grains are extracted from five kilograms of sugar cane juice.
  • Plant sugar is dissolved in two and a half liters of pure water.
  • Boil sugar with water for a quarter of an hour.
  • Add during the boiling process the egg white.
  • Stir the mixture until foam floats on it, and it should be removed.
  • Leave the liquid on the fire to become solid and coherent.
  • A small amount of "tartar" salt, or what is called at Attarin, is added to soda tartrate.
  • Five grams of sodium benzoate are added to the previous mixture.
  • Stir well until homogeneous.
  • The gas is extinguished, and the liquid is left until it solidifies as desired, covered with a perforated wooden lid.
  • The mixture is inserted into sticks or cotton threads for fifteen days.
  • The liquid freezes on strings or sticks after the expiration of the period. The "vegetable sugar" is broken down due to its freezing due to exposure to the air, and plant sugar grains are formed.

Benefits of plant sugar

There are many medicinal benefits that plant sugar contains, which is why many people consume it. Among the benefits of plant sugar we mention:

  • Softens the intestine and relieves constipation; There are many people who suffer from what is called stomach upset as a result of eating unhealthy foods, or eating too quickly, so the solution is to eat plant sugar to speed up the digestive process.
  • Effective medicine for chest, throat and flu, and useful for treating allergic asthma.
  • It purifies the voice from hoarseness or roughness, and therefore it is recommended to take it for those who suffer from this problem; As many singers accept it before their concerts to keep their voices soft and controllable.
  • It increases the weight of newborns and helps them sleep deeply.
  • Babies get rid of intestinal gases.
  • It helps a woman get pregnant if she has specific problems. As plant sugar cleans the vagina from fluids and impurities, and loosens uterine obstructions that hinder the reproductive process.
  • Plant sugar is used by dieters or dieters. This is because it contains few calories and is therefore used in place of regular white sugar.
  • Plant sugar is used to purify the eyes, and it also treats wounds to the pupil, and speeds up their healing.