What is gelatin

Written By The HealthMeth Team - Updated On Thursday, January 20, 2022 3:00 PM

What is gelatin

Gelatin is the protein extracted from the manufacture of connective tissues and animal bones, and is in the form of a transparent, colorless gel that becomes fragile when it dries up, resulting from the breakdown of collagen in tissues and bones, and gelatin is a food source rich in essential vitamins and minerals such as phosphorous, copper, and selenium, In addition to being an important source of protein, and for its many benefits, gelatin is included in many food, aesthetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Gelatin manufacturing method

Gelatin is obtained from animal products such as: the skins and bones of animals such as: pigs and cows, because their bodies contain large amounts of collagen, and gelatin can also be extracted from fish or marine algae, and gelatin is manufactured through the molding process used in many factories. The commercial is over a certain temperature and a series of chemical processes.

Gelatin benefits

  • Improving digestion: Eating gelatin is used to treat digestive disorders, as it stimulates bowel movement and increases its elasticity.
  • Improving sleep: Eating gelatin improves the quality and number of sleep hours, and reduces the feeling of sleepiness during daylight hours.
  • Improving bone and joint health: Gelatin contains anti-inflammatory properties, as well as it is rich in amino acids that protect against weak joints and bones, maintain their health, protect against osteoporosis, and strengthen the nails, and for this reason, pregnant women are advised to take it to improve bone health for her and her fetus.
  • It gives a feeling of satiety: Some use gelatin because there is no sugar in its contents as an alternative to regular protein powders, to give a feeling of satiety for the longest possible period. Gelatin also increases the secretion of the human hormone that activates the metabolism processes in the body, which also helps to lose excess weight.
  • Balancing hormones: One of the most important benefits of gelatin is its ability to balance hormones in the body, as it contains anti-estrogens that cause aging, infertility, and the appearance of premature wrinkles.
  • Improving skin health: Gelatin is very beneficial for the skin, as it maintains its elasticity, eliminates stretch marks, reduces aging wrinkles, and prevents the formation of dark spots on the skin.
  • Lightening the face: The use of gelatin is included in many aesthetic recipes, as it works to lighten the color of the skin, get rid of stains, and tighten the face.
  • Moisturizing hair: Gelatin is rich in keratin, which is very necessary for hair and nails, which increases hair moisture, strength and maintains its health.

Gelatin for sweets

Gelatin is used in many cold desserts recipes, such as cheesecake desserts, as it acts as a coagulant in these recipes, and is also used in making ice cream, chocolate, and some types of cheeses and milk, and the gelatin used in desserts may be in the form of powder or chips.