What is the cause of back numbness

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Back numbness

Back numbness has many causes, including not taking a comfortable position in relation to the spine or sitting on the floor bed as an old traditional social habit, because sitting on the floor repeatedly increases the force of pressure on the cervical ligaments and cartilage, and one of the main factors for prevention and physical therapy for back numbness is working to correct Stature, and there are other reasons for numbness, namely muscle diseases and cervical vertebrae, for example acute and early erosion of the vertebral cartilage, suffering from some injuries, such as tightening and tearing of the cervical ligaments and muscles, and how much standing improperly or slouching or by making the head tilted forward, as well as the hands may work To increase the load on the cervical ligaments, upper back and cartilage, which may increase the incidence of pain in the neck, and to avoid this and work to protect ourselves and protect it from these symptoms, we must make sure to stand in a comfortable position, i.e. raised up. [1]

Tips to reduce back numbness

Stay away as much as possible to sit on the ground when eating food or different family and social events, and make the back backed by a cushion chair when you sit, or take a sitting position Bartha and with convexity back, and when computer use should the keyboard level elbow mode and the screen at the level of vision Eyes. [2]

Disc disease and back numbness

Disc disease may be the cause of upper back numbness. Disc disease begins with a slight pain in the back, followed by a spasm in all the muscles of the back with constant pain, and sometimes a person with disc disease feels numbness in the back when stretching, and when the matter gets worse, the pain may increase and develop to reach the iliac joint, and then the pain extends from the upper limb For the thigh to the lower extremity and then the leg and then the foot, and thus the patient with discus disease feels numbness and that feeling is the feeling of the presence of dead skin on the extremities. [3]

Reasons that may cause back numbness

It usually causes numbness, damage, irritation or pressure on several nerves or on one branch of nerves, and nerves often circulate around your body, diseases that affect peripheral nerves, such as diabetes, can also cause numbness, but this happens in rare cases And just as numbness can be caused by problems in the brain or spinal cord, fortunately, numbness in itself is not usually a symptom of potential life-threatening disorders, such as strokes or tumors, your doctor will need detailed information about symptoms to diagnose the cause of your numbness, A variety of tests may be needed to confirm the cause before appropriate treatment can begin. [4]


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