Causes of a protruding abdomen

Written By The HealthMeth Team - Updated On Thursday, February 3, 2022 12:00 PM

The protrusion of the abdomen

The protruding abdomen is known as the rumen, and it is the fat accumulated and accumulated in the lower abdomen, which distorts the general view of the body, and causes many organic diseases due to its proximity to the heart and lungs, and it is indicated that this prominence is the result of many reasons that we will introduce you to in this the article.

Causes of a protruding abdomen

Unhealthy habits

  • Exhaustion, and not sleeping enough hours at night, it has been shown that staying up late leads to an increase in the level of the hormone cortisone in the body, which plays a large role in the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area.
  • Exaggeration in practicing stomach exercises, which is known as abdominal exercises, as this would exercise the stomach and abdominal muscles, but it did not burn fat, and thus this would lead to the emergence of the abdomen forward.
  • Lack of movement and lack of exercise.

Pathological and psychological causes

  • The presence of tension in the area of ​​the abdominal muscles, as many suffer from this problem, and to solve it, it is advised to practice bodybuilding exercises, which rely on lifting weights, while being careful not to sit for long periods.
  • Exposure to psychological stress, and a constant feeling of anxiety and tension, which increases the level of the cortisone hormone in the body.
  • Genetic factors, and the shape or composition of muscles, it has been shown that heredity has a major role in determining the shape of the abdomen and its muscles.
  • Girls' menstruation is approaching, as this bulge is called a temporary rumen.
  • Pregnancy and childbirth, as the uterus expands as a result of the large size of the fetus, and leads to the emergence of the abdomen.
  • The presence of a hormonal disorder in the body, where the abdomen becomes prominent, and its shape resembles an orange peel.

Imbalance in the diet

  • Lack of drinking water during the day, and this is considered one of the most important reasons leading to sagging and protruding muscles in the abdominal area, as a result of the high level of salts in the body, and for this reason experts and doctors advise to drink at least ten cups of water a day, and the result will be noticed within a maximum period Three days.
  • Eat more foods that contain large amounts of carbohydrates, such as rice, pasta, and bread, which turn into fat that accumulates in the abdomen and becomes difficult to burn.
  • Increase your intake of alcoholic and soft drinks, as they contain a high percentage of sugary substances, which collect around the stomach area and lead to its prominence.
  • Eating large quantities of food during the day, especially those that are high in fat, and eating at night may make matters worse and lead to an acceleration of the emergence of the abdomen.