The most beautiful men in the world

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The most beautiful men in the world

(God is beautiful and loves beauty). Nothing in the world captures the hearts and captures the eyes more than beauty, because beauty makes us amazed, and the order of words may disappear , and we come to the east instead of the West, all of this from the magic of beauty, its vigor and its glory.

No one can deny that beauty is attractive and dazzling, influences, secrets, data and gestures. God has deposited beauty in both sexes: male and female, in order to be a definitive evidence of his creativity in his creation and his greatness in what was created!

Beauty took its best luck and divided it the most in all kinds and colors of arts, literature and science. It was poems, songs and movies. Until our literary history became rich with those colors that sing of beauty.

Some scholars have reached the limit to set some specifications, conditions, and qualifications that if they apply to one of them, it will be beautiful or not.

There is also a close relationship between beauty and love if they are not two sides of one thing, so the lover sees in the one who loves beauty that his eye has not seen in others, and the popular proverbs are also found to glorify the relationship between beauty and love, and it was said (the monkey is with the eyes of his mother a deer).

But in order to be precise in presenting the topic, let us differentiate between beauty and handsomeness at the beginning, for the specialists of beauty and fashion have defined each of them. Wissamah is a masculine content for men only, which is subtle and general attractive features of the face that are not related to color or skin. As for beauty, it is specific to women, but it is permissible for a man to be beautiful with his delicacy and less roughness, but in the end he is a man with a thick voice, violent, and strong build.

The beauty of our master Yusef , may peace be upon him

  • Was Joseph peace be upon him Well Kdu the day, and it was white, beautiful face, curly hair, huge eyes, the level of purpose of procreation, thick legs, arms and forearms, Khamis abdomen, Ogueny nose , small navel, and it was the right Bkhaddh free black, and that was Uncle adorns his face, He had a white mole between his eyes, as if it were the moon on the night of a full moon, and the cilia of his eyes looked like vultures, and if he smiled, you saw the light from his fronts, and if he spoke, you saw a ray of light shining from among his folds, neither the children of Adam nor anyone could describe Joseph , peace be upon him.
  • On the authority of Abu Ishaq bin Abdullah, he said: When Yusef walked through the alleys of Egypt, he would see his face sparkling on the walls, as he saw the light of the sun and the moon on the walls.

The most beautiful men in the world according to Entertainment Corporation

  • Haitham Abu Al-Saud: The greatest researcher of digital sciences, a contemporary composer and a philosophical scholar.
  • Kimura Takeya: A great singer, composer, and professional actor who enjoys an Asian popularity base despite his few appearances.
  • Zac Efron: California's Most Beautiful Young American An Actor.
  • Domoto Kochi: He's a model.
  • Imran Abbas: The most beautiful young Pakistani, he is an actor and singer.
  • Tarkan: He is the most beautiful Turkish young man, and he is a singer.
  • Hritak Roshan: The Most Beautiful Man In The World From India He Is A Singer
  • Tom Cruise: International Superstar
  • The poet Fazaa: The most beautiful men in the world from the Emirates

The best men of the world for the year 2008-2009

  • Tony Curtis
  • Tyrone Boyer
  • The Egyptian Star: Omar Sharif
  • Marlon Brando
  • Jimmy Stewart
  • Indian superstar Methunchakrote