How your skin color has changed

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Skin whitening

Home masks to lighten the skin

Skin tone can be changed to lighter shades using household ingredients, including: [1]

  • Yogurt: contain yogurt on lactic acid , which acid has properties for skin whitening, and to take advantage of it can rub yogurt on the skin, and leave it for a few minutes and repeat the process daily for several weeks, as can mix a tablespoon of yogurt with a large half teaspoon of honey and apply the mixture on the face for a period Between ten to fifteen minutes, and repeat the recipe daily.
  • Orange: Orange contains vitamin C, which is the most important ingredient in lightening the skin, and to use oranges, two tablespoons of orange juice are mixed with a sprinkle of cumin, apply the mixture on the face and leave it for a period ranging between twenty to thirty minutes, and the recipe is repeated daily.
  • Aloe Vera gel: Aloe vera gel or aloe vera reduces hyperpigmentation, restoring the natural color of the skin, and helps to regenerate cells and restore damaged tissues, by extracting the gel from cut aloe vera, and applying it to the skin for a period of thirty minutes, and repeating the process at least twice a day, for a period Two weeks.

Peeling skin

The skin can be peeled using a mixture of aloe vera and rice, as aloe vera contains antioxidants and compounds that protect the skin, and rice works to remove all skin cells and impurities accumulated on it, and it is a suitable scrub for all skin types, and it can be done through: [2]

  • Extract the jelly inside the pieces of aloe vera.
  • Mix the jelly with two tablespoons of ground rice.
  • Rub the mixture in circular motions for several minutes.
  • Rinse the skin with warm, then cold water.
  • Repeat peeling every day, to see results in a few days.


UV beds

These rays are artificially generated in order to tan the skin, and they are of two types: [3]

  • UVA family: It is one of the types of long rays compared to its counterparts, and thus it has the ability to reach the lower layers of the epidermis, and stimulate the production of melanin by pigment cells.
  • UVB family: These rays are considered shorter than UVA rays, meaning that they affect the outer layers of the skin, but overexposure to them causes sunburn, and it is also the main cause of skin cancers such as squamous carcinomas.

Natural oils

Sun tanning has become a popular fashion, and to increase the effectiveness of this method, natural oils are used that attract and focus ultraviolet rays on the skin, making it easier for it to penetrate, and thus accelerate the production of melanin, which gives the skin a dark color. [4] These oils include coconut oil, [5] and olive oil. [6]


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