Get rid of the buttocks

Written By The HealthMeth Team - Updated On Saturday, March 13, 2021 6:00 PM

Follow a healthy diet

You must follow a healthy diet based on reducing the intake of carbohydrates and calories , as carbohydrates contribute to an increase in insulin secretion, which in turn converts it into glucose or sugar and thus increases the proportion of fat in the body, so it is preferable to eat a few carbohydrates to get the energy that the body needs only Foods that contain low levels of carbohydrates include the following: high-protein meat, unprocessed cheeses, fish, and green vegetables, and some foods such as bread and pasta should be avoided, in addition to that, focus on eating fewer calories than the body burns. Therefore, it is preferable to eat 1500 calories daily. [1]

Foods to lose buttocks

There are many foods that help lose buttocks , the most important of which are: [2]

  • Fruits: Fruits contain low calories, high in fiber, nutrients, and unprocessed or refined sugars, as refined sugars contribute to raising blood sugar levels, increase insulin secretion, and enhance fat storage in the body. Replace snacks full of sugar such as candy, ice cream and soda with fruits, as they are healthy meals that promote the slimming process.
  • Vegetables: Vegetables are characterized by their high content of nutrients and low in calories, so they are a great alternative to foods full of calories, fats, and sugars, all types of vegetables can be eaten except potatoes.
  • Eat protein-rich foods: Eating protein-rich foods helps the process of losing weight, and among protein-rich foods, fish such as: salmon, mackerel, mackerel, and flounder; And a low percentage of calories, and tuna is also a food source rich in protein, and does not contain fat or carbohydrates, in addition to beans, soy and egg white.

Doing exercises

Up the stairs

A study conducted in the British Journal of Sports Medicine proved that climbing stairs has multiple health benefits, including burning calories and improving physical fitness for the body, so care must be taken to use stairs instead of the elevator. Going up the stairs is the equivalent of a 10-minute workout . [3]

walking long distances

Hiking enhances the process of burning calories, especially in the buttocks area, hiking: going up and down hills, and climbing, as mountaineering contributes to burning twice the calories that the body burns when exercising walking and climbing stairs. [3]


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