How to slim

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The importance of exercise to get rid of fats

Can get rid of excess fat and excess weight in the body through the exercise of sports , working on tightening the body and make it consistent more, and there are many special exercises Ptnhev body such as abdominal exercises , as do three times a day for a period ranging between 10-15 minutes per day It helps in losing excess weight, in addition to other types of sports and exercises. [1]

The role of fevers in slimming the body

Usually, a person who suffers from overweight resorts to a diet based on specific quantities and types of food, but this method does not work for all people, because the human body contains what is like a memory, where the body stores a greater amount of fat when eating The meal after starvation, and that is why this type of diet may give the desired result in a short time, but the body quickly regains what it lost weight quickly, and for this we will present here some tips that help in slimming the body without resorting to a diet that may be harsh and useless. [2]

Tips for a flat stomach

To get a taut belly, it is recommended to follow the following: [1]

  • Avoid foods that contain sugar, such as juices and sweets, and this is to reach the required weight in a healthy and fast way as well.
  • Maintaining the breakfast meal because it gives the body active throughout the day and reduces hunger.
  • Drink enough water to facilitate the digestive process, and because drinking water gives a feeling of satiety for a long time as well.
  • Stay away from fruit juices because they contain a high percentage of sugars, and this causes weight gain. Many people believe that drinking these juices does not cause fat accumulation, but increases the amount of fat in the body.
  • Refrain from eating white bread and fast food, as they are among the main factors for the accumulation of fats in the body.
  • Practice dancing instead of running, as dance stimulates blood circulation and moves the entire body.

Tips to get a slim body

You can also get a lean body without following a specific diet through the following tips:

  • Reducing the addition of salt to food because it is one of the most important nutrients that work to store fluids in the body. [3]
  • Avoid foods that contain sugar and replace regular sugar with fructose. [3]
  • Eat dinner at least three hours before bed. [4]
  • Exercising for half an hour a day, and walking or running is one of the sports that helps get rid of fat. [1]
  • Eat vegetables and fruits on a daily basis. [4]
  • Eat foods consisting of complex carbohydrates , such as oats, whole grains, and legumes. [4]
  • Refrain from drinking soft drinks as well as energy drinks. [4]
  • Get enough rest and sleep for a sufficient number of hours, because sleeping well works to burn calories and maintains the rate of metabolism. [4]
  • Set times for main meals and eat them regularly every day. [4]
  • Do not rush to eat food, but eat it slowly, and it is preferable to add spices to the feeling of satiety in less time. [4]
  • Pay attention to the components of the food that you intend to buy, as these materials may not contain a lot of fats, but they contain a high percentage of calories and sugars. [4]
  • Eat low-fat cheese and milk alternatives. [3]
  • Reducing the intake of foods that contain fats. [4]
  • Refrain from taking medications that cause weight gain . [4]

Herbs that help burn fat

There are types of herbs that help in getting rid of extra weight by increasing the burning of calories, and these herbs include: [1]

  • Ginger .
  • Green tea .
  • Anise .
  • Cinnamon .
  • Mint .
  • Chamomile .
  • Barley .

Natural mixes to help lose weight

There are many mixtures that help in getting a lean body, including:

Cinnamon and honey mixture

Studies indicate that mixing cinnamon and honey greatly contributes to losing excess weight, as it is possible to lose about three kilograms per week if the mixture is consumed twice a day, because this mixture prevents the accumulation of fats in many places in the body, and it works to Reducing the waist circumference as well as the buttocks. [5]

Cinnamon and ginger mixture

This mixture is prepared by adding three tablespoons of black tea with one teaspoon each of cinnamon, ginger, curry and honey, and the ingredients are boiled together in two cups of water, then the mixture is left until it cools and then two cups of yogurt are added, and this mixture must be taken daily. In the evening as a meal to replace dinner, until the difference in weight is noticed. [6]

Milk mixture with ginger

This mixture works to make the body slim, harmonious and also slim, and this mixture is based on mixing half a cup of water with a cup of milk in addition to other ingredients, in the beginning you must mix a spoonful of each of cinnamon, ginger and curry with water, and raise the ingredients on the fire until it boils, Then the milk is added and mixed with the rest of the ingredients well, and this drink must be consumed daily before bed, and the person will begin to notice the difference within a few days of starting the mixture. [6]


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