How do I remove the print from clothes

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Printing on clothes

There are many types of clothes that are decorated with printed shapes, drawings and symbols, to add beauty and attractiveness to them, [1] but over time these stickers become old and faded, which needs to be renewed by removing them, and despite the difficulty of the matter, it is not impossible. , By following easy and uncomplicated methods that will be covered in the article. [2]

How to remove print from clothes


An iron is used to get rid of prints on cotton clothes in the following way: [3]

  • Cover a flat work surface with a towel, and then place the piece of clothing on it, in such a way that the print faces up.
  • A wax paper is placed over the print.
  • Turn the iron on, and set it to the appropriate temperature to iron the cotton.
  • The iron is placed on wax paper, and then ironed until the printing is melted from the clothes.
  • The print is scraped off with a plastic knife.
  • The clothes are turned over in such a way that the back side of the print is facing up, then placed on the surface covered with a towel.
  • The print is wiped from the back of it with a cotton ball soaked in isopropyl alcohol, then the clothes are left for 20 seconds.
  • Turn the clothes over on the front of them, then scrape the print traces again with a plastic knife, until they are completely disposed of.
  • If the print is not completely removed , the previous two steps are repeated .


Vinyl and rubber prints can be removed from clothes using chemical solvents, such as alcohol, and used in the following manner: [2]

  • The clothes are turned over on the back, then placed on the table with the flipped print side visible.
  • Apply enough alcohol to the back of the print so that it is completely submerged.
  • The garment is turned over to its correct face, then the print is scraped with fingers or a sharp knife, taking care to preserve the fabric.
  • The previous two steps are repeated until all traces of printing are removed.
  • The clothes are washed in the usual way.
  • Note: Alcohol must be tested on an invisible area of ​​clothing, by placing one or two drops of it on the clothes, to notice a change in the shape or color of the fabric, and alcohol should be avoided on delicate fabrics such as silk or wool.

Nail polish remover

Printing on clothing can be eliminated by using nail polish remover that loosens the bonds of the printed material compounds. The method is: [1]

  • The clothes are soaked in cold water, then dried on a high temperature with a dryer to get rid of as much of the print as possible.
  • Gently peel the print off with nails.
  • A cotton ball is dipped in acetone, then the print is patted without rubbing until the print melts, then scraped with nails.
  • Wash clothes in cold water.
  • The clothes are dried on a high temperature to get rid of any residual printing effects.

Plastisol remover

The plastisol remover can be used in the following way: [1]

  • Apply a small amount of the remover to a soft cloth.
  • Use the cloth to pat the print under pressure, without rubbing it.
  • The loose print letters are peeled off with nails, with the remover reapplied around the edges of the print for easy removal.
  • Printed clothes are gently rubbed with a soft brush; To get rid of the residue printed out.
  • Wash the clothes in the washing machine using detergent with a medium wash cycle.
  • Dry the clothes on medium heat.
    • Note: You must wear protective goggles and a face mask, and it is recommended that you be in a well-ventilated area while following this method.

Hair Dryer

The letters printed on the clothes can be disposed of with the help of a hair dryer in the following way: [4]

  • Wash clothes, then dry them in the usual way.
  • Turn the hair dryer on, set to high heat.
  • Apply the dryer to the printed letters for several minutes, until they gain heat well.
  • The edges of the letters are scraped and then removed entirely using nails or a razor.
  • Repeat the previous two steps until all traces of printed characters are removed.
  • The remaining adhesive tape is rubbed with an amount of alcohol, then rubbed with a clean, dry towel.
  • Wash the clothes again.

Methods for removing printed matter glue

The glue for printed matter can be removed using one of the following methods:

Special glue remover

After removing the print from clothes , it may leave behind traces of glue even after washing it. However, special glue remover can be used to get rid of it, [2] in the following way : [5]

  • Get rid of the largest amount of remaining adhesive by placing an adhesive tape on it, then pulling it out, and the process is repeated.
  • Apply an amount of adhesive remover such as peanut butter, vegetable oil, alcohol, or a lubricant spray to the glue residue on the clothes.
  • Rub the clothes with the fingers for several minutes, until the glue residues are removed, and a soft toothbrush can be used for better effectiveness.
  • An amount of laundry detergent is placed on the clothes, then washed in the usual way.
  • Dry the clothes after removing the remaining glue completely, otherwise the previous steps must be repeated before drying; Lest the glue cling to the clothes.

Detergent group

The adhesive remaining from the printed label may stick to the clothes with repeated washing of the clothes, but it can be removed in the following way: [6]

  • Place a paper towel directly over the remaining adhesive.
  • Place a clean cloth over the paper towel.
  • Iron the clothes over these layers using an iron. To get rid of residual adhesive.
  • Remove the towel and cloth, then put masking tape on the remaining glue and pull up; To get rid of the glue.
  • Dip a white cloth with some isopropyl alcohol, and then rub the glue residue onto the clothes.
  • Sprinkle an amount of lubricant spray on the clothes, leave it for a minute, then wipe the glue with a white cloth.
  • Place a piece of ice on the glue residue, then leave it for 5-10 seconds on the clothes.
  • Rub the clothes with another piece of cloth.
  • A white cloth is dipped in a quantity of vinegar, then the remaining glue is rubbed with it, then the vinegar is left on the clothes for a third of an hour.
  • Wipe the glue site with another white cloth.
  • Wash the clothes at the maximum water temperature that the fabric can withstand, after reading the instructions attached to the clothing care label, to get rid of all traces of glue.


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