How to cut hair

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Hair cut

The person may not get his favorite haircut or suitable for him, he may not like its appearance or the image on it may be different from the one that was in his mind, and he wishes that he could cut his hair himself and get better results, and the person can cut his hair By himself, by following the steps with high precision, using the appropriate tools, and having patience, so we will talk in this article about how to cut hair. [1]

Things to know before you start cutting your hair

These are some things that must be considered and known before starting hair cutting : [2]

  • It may not be a good idea to cut your hair for the first time on your own if there is a special occasion coming.
  • Minor errors and defects may occur for the first time, as professionalism will not be present from the first time hair cutting.

Tools needed to cut hair

These are the tools used to cut hair: [2]

  • Sharp hair scissors for cutting hair.
  • Clear mirror to check the back of the hair.
  • A fine-toothed, pointed comb at one end.
  • Ties or hair clips to tie sections of hair.

How to cut hair

There are many ways to cut hair, the most prominent of which are detailed as follows:

Low ponytail tie method

The hair is cut through the dipped ponytail, following the following steps: [1]

  • Hair is prepared, where it must be clean, and damp, either by washing it or spraying it with fresh water.
  • Divide the hair into two equal halves, then comb each section with a fine comb.
  • The hair is tied to the back in the form of a low ponytail, with the need to make sure that it is tight and firm and the hair is smooth by passing the comb back over the hair, in addition to making sure of the location of the tie, as it should be in the middle of the head exactly.
  • Another tie is placed on the tied hair, so that its location should be above the place to be cut.
  • The hair that falls under the second tie should be trimmed, but be careful not to cut it at once.
  • Remove hair ties, straighten hair, then shake it.
  • Evaluate the haircut by passing the comb over the hair to ensure the equal length of the hair, and if you do not like the result, the steps can be repeated again, tie the hair, tie the ponytail, and cut it again until the best results are obtained.

High ponytail tie method

Hair is cut through a high ponytail, following the following steps: [1]

  • Prepare the hair to cut it well, as it must be clean, and damp, either by washing it or spraying it with fresh water.
  • The hair is tied with a high ponytail, either by bending the body as in kneeling and then tying the hair well, or it can be tied while standing upright, and it is preferable to tie the hair with an elastic band close to the scalp to ensure that the hair does not move or slide.
  • Comb the hair well using a comb, before tying it, in addition to the need to make sure the location of the ponytail tie is in the middle and top of the head completely, and the mirror can be used to determine the location.
  • Another rubber band is placed on the bottom of the hair, and its location is determined based on the length of the hair to be cut, as the hair under the second tie will be cut.
  • The hair under the second tie is cut, where the hair is held in one hand, and the hair is cut using the scissors with the other hand, taking care not to cut it all at once, but at small intervals.
  • Remove the hair ties from the hair, then straighten the hair and shake it well, then comb and pass the fingers through it.
  • Evaluate the haircut and finalize it by lifting the hair with one hand, forming a high ponytail but without rubber ties, and cutting the uneven hair with the other hand.

Cut hair from bottom to top

Hair is cut from the bottom up by following the following steps: [1]

  • Prepare the hair for cutting, by washing it or by moisturizing it by spraying it with fresh water.
  • Standing in front of a large mirror and behind another mirror to see the back of the hair and ensure the correct operation.
  • Comb the hair with the need to fix the head well, so that it is not tilted to the side, back or forward.
  • Divide the hair into eight sections; Hairpieces, top of the forehead (left and right), the back of the head (left and right), sides (left and right), and a section at the back of the neck.
  • Rotate each section around the finger before tying it, while leaving the back of the neck section; Where it will start.
  • Ensure that the scissors are properly grasped, according to the cut to be performed; The sharp cut requires holding the scissors horizontally, as for the layered cut, the scissors need to be tilted at an angle of 45 degrees and cut upward, and to obtain smooth and needle-shaped edges, the hair is cut to the required length, then the scissors are held vertically and the ends are trimmed upwards with a very quick movement. With a small amount of this movement for each section of the hair.
  • The hair is cut starting from the nape of the neck, where it is combed, and then the strand is grasped with the index and middle fingers as if they had formed scissors, and the combing is done again, and the hair is pulled tightly with the fingers lowered to reach the place from which the hair is to be cut, then the cut is done under the fingers completely.
  • Complete the cutting of the rest of the hair sections at the same pace, where the right part is cut from the back of the head, then the left part, and so on, to reach the bangs of the hair, taking care to comb the hair before cutting it, and quickly spray the sections of hair with water if it begins to dry.
  • Wash the hair with shampoo, conditioner, rinse and dry it with a towel or hair dryer.
  • Evaluate the haircut after drying it, and make sure that the layers and ends of the hair are even.

How to cut hair bangs

A person may not need to cut the entire hair, but only trim the foreskin at the front of the head , and this is one of the methods used to cut it: [3]

  • The hair is divided , and the entire hair is removed from the bangs and tied away from the face.
  • The scissors are held at a 90-degree angle and the foreskin is cut gently. This will make it very thin and natural.
  • Cutting the bangs should be avoided in one go. Because this will create sharp edges, which will be difficult to correct later.


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