The longest nails in the world

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The longest nails in the world

We all know that nails are an aesthetic characteristic that must be taken care of and preserved, and there are many people in the world who preserved and took care of their nails a lot, which allowed them to enter international encyclopedias, where we will get to know the most prominent of them in this article. [1]

The names of the owners of the longest nails in the world

Wen Jian

There is a man in growing China who has not cut his nails in his left hand for 14 years, and Wen Jian (42 years) from Zhang, Fujian Province, says that he was always in fights before his nails grew to 35 cm in length, and now he is known about his nails as Used for fighting, Wen Jian opened a children's clothing store and called it (Long Nails), but he was in some trouble due to these long nails as he puts his left hand in a large box before bed so that his nails would not be broken. [2]

Louise Hollis

The longest nails in California have been recorded by Louise Hollis, who has succeeded in maintaining nails close to six inches long, and what made it easier for her to maintain nails that length was not wearing shoes that were open to them, and that was consistent with the atmosphere of her hometown in Compton, California. Maintenance for her toes takes a total of two days each week, and then a combination of cleaning and painting is done. [3]

Eason Sunkfield

Eason Sunkefield considered that lengthening her nails would add to the jazz music that she donated more brilliance and success, and Eason is a grandmother from Atlanta - Georgia. Her nails are about 24 inches long and she hopes through her nails that she will enter the doors of fame through jazz music as she previously repeated and Appearing with Oprah and Meet Celebrities as well, but in the meantime Aison's nails cost her $ 250 per session. [2]


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