How do I make my nails beautiful

Written By The HealthMeth Team - Updated On Monday, July 19, 2021 4:00 PM

Nail care

In order for the hands to look beautiful, they must be taken care of, moisturized, and protected from the sun's rays and the various conditions that affect their beauty, as well as the care of the nails by lengthening, filing, arranging and painting the appropriate colors, and lengthening the nails and taking care of their beauty needs daily follow-up as well as the use of natural recipes and we will mention some of them .

How do I make my nails beautiful

Use the coolant properly

The nails must be trimmed in an orderly manner, in order to obtain strong nails, while keeping them cool when they grow, and it is also advised to cool the nails in one direction, and avoid the cold in two directions back and forth, and the nails must be dry and not wet when cold; Because wet nails are weak, soft and prone to breakage.

Giving nails a special time to take care of them

You should allocate time for nail care if at least once a week, and a quick pedicure of the nails is done, by using a cotton ball moistened with vitamin E oil, passing it on and around the nails, then applying a moisturizing cream on it, as this strengthens the nails and cleans them.

Avoid nail polish remover that contains acetone

You should avoid this type of acetone, because it works on brittle and dry nails, so you can use other types that contain acetate, or that contain natural ingredients.

Moisturizing the body

Water directly affects the health and appearance of nails, so you should drink an appropriate amount of water daily, and milk strengthens the nails because it contains zinc, which is useful for nails.

Get a balanced amount of protein

The protein that the body gets is very important for the growth and appearance of the nails, because the nails are made of reinforced layers of keratin proteins, and proteins can be obtained by eating white and red meat, cheese, dairy, wheat and barley, eggs, nuts, vegetables, and fruits.

Choose a food that contains iron and omega-3

Because iron contributes to giving a healthy appearance to the nails, it also gives a healthy look to hair and skin, and we can get it from whole grain products, dark leafy vegetables such as: spinach, red meat and eggs, and dried fruits, and it is also recommended to eat foods that contain fatty acids such as Omega-3 fats; Because they protect nails from cracking, and they are abundant in nuts.

Do not use nails as a tool

Nails should not be used as a tool to open things, because that weakens them, and makes them vulnerable to breakage, and the girl is forced to cut them all because of one nail and resume their growth again.